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Special Recognition Award?

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On our last Big Trip one new Scout was outstanding in the way he helped others. Not only did he do his own duties, but always lent a hand to the other Scouts no matter which patrol. We'd like to recognize this Scout with something other than a "Good Job!" shout out at the next Troop meeting. Are there any non official awards or pins that can be given to a Scout? Cubs seemed full of these things.


Rob Carignan

Troop 1,

Portland, Maine

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There are the generic contest/award medals; leaders are free to use them to honor whatever meritorious or noteworthy action they like. Sure, they are usually used for contests, but I believe acting especially Scout-like can certainly be included under that umbrella of honors. I used them for long-term uniform competitions and they were worn with pride by Scouts even at their Eagle Courts of honor. They have Cub Scout-colored versions as well, which I would often use for special Webelos events.

One of the things I appreciate about them is that they come in gold, silver and bronze, so you can tailor your awards to the 'degree' of service your Scouts render, and they can be worn with other medals on the uniform, which is always a plus - refer to the Guide to Awards and Insignia for more information about medal wearing and placement. And they are official BSA awards, though intentionally generic in purpose. They are available at the Scout Shop, both in stores and online.

BSA contest medals.jpg

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As a long-time knife lover, I always found giving a knife or other useful daily-use-tool was a great way to say thank you.  After giving away a couple dozen over the years, many of the recipients still mention their gift.  A couple of times, we even had a special dinner, get together, or public event to show how that Scout went above and beyond.  

    When a Scout does something that earns an official BSA medal, that process should be followed...in addition to another knife.

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I would favor a "special" made award. 

At a Jamboree,  we had a big sit down in the arena, but things were delayed.  TPTB  recognized this, and so OA folks threw  Dixie Cup Ice creams out into the crowd.  Some of us took this as a "sign".  We just happened to have some twine with us, somebody had a marker. PRESTO !   Dixie cup lids became "Jambo Arena Waiting" awards.  We made up several dozen .  I have mine in the collection.

Our Troop once had a particularly strenuous canoe trip once.  Because of a faulty map (County Parks provided !)  we had to add 5 miles and several hours to the trip. Didn't get home til after 11pm. I thought that deserved a special recognition. Went down to the Scout Shop, did not see anything that seemed really suitable. Then, I spied a leather kit with a 4"  Scout fleur des lis....  ummmm.    I turned it upside down,  imagined a little,  and came up with a canoe with a paddle in the back. Trim off a little here, ink line there,  lettering so.... punch a hole....  AHA !  The Longest Canoe Trip !   Made 8 of them, worth the effort, I thought. 

Make him a one off award....   leather, wood burn,  whatever.    He will remember it..... 


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