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Scout bitten by shark while at Boy Scouts camp near Catalina Island

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The Los Angeles County Fire Department's Lifeguard Division said the scout and his father were kayaking when their boat was bumped by what's believed to be a shark. The scout reached into the water and was bitten on the hand, the department said.



"Our thoughts are with this young man and his family, and we will continue to support them in any way we can," the Boy Scouts said.

So say we all.


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Poor kid! Hope he has a swift and full recovery.

I have to say though, it's remarkable how rare such incidents are when you consider how many Scouts attend summer camp at the two facilities on Catalina each year. I would say Camps Emerald Bay and Cherry Valley are some of the nicest camps in the country (I went to Cherry Valley when I was a kid; had an AMAZING time), and being a SoCal local, I rarely, if ever, hear about incidents like this. In fact, while I'm sure there have likely been previous shark attacks over the years, this is actually the first one I have ever heard about from either camp.

My thoughts and prayers are extended to the Scout and his family. Hopefully he recovers quickly and activities on the island can resume as soon as possible. 

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My FL relatives had a friend who, at about that age, got bit while surfing. After that he proudly wore a t-shirt with a tooth pattern traced in red.

Hopefully this scout will recover and be able to look back with courage and, yes, a bit of cheer.

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