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Any Troop "Traditions"?

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I am interested in learning what traditional activities, especially outdoors, that other troops have.

I am looking for those activities that are so exciting to the boys that it is considered a "do not miss" opportunity, from the newest Scout to the older Scout with irregular attendance.

An example might be a Klondike derby.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.





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We have a "Tenderfoot Weekend" campout each April. It's about a month or so after the new boys have joined. It's a great opportunity for the patrols to really bond. The older scouts teach basic scout skills and cover off on most of the Tenderfoot Requirements. We do it at our council summer camp, so it gives the new scouts a chance to tour the camp and get comfortable with the surroundings.


We also do Klondike and Camporees, but I don't know that I would classify them as a tradition.

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We take a day trip every November to the Recreation Center at the University of Toledo. Three swimming pools, indoor waterslide, climbing wall, racketball, etc. We always invited the Webelos. We stop at Cabelas for about an hour on the way down.


I really like the "Tenderfoot Weekend" idea.

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You should have a good trip this time - there's always been more sightings of the ol' JD during times of military conflicts.


One of many troop traditions has been a "family" canoe trip down the Wading River, also in the Pine Barrens. Another tradition was a side trip to Atlantic City later that evening, but that's a story for another thread. :-)


Good luck keeping the sand out of your tents!



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Annual Pet night (not an outdoor activity obviously although one bloke has a cow up for the next one)


A family camp annually with our cubs - maybe you could do this with your feeder pack(s). Lots of siblings observe older brother / sister doing Scout stuff and they always join the Troop in due course.


To spice up the above we often run it as a MB earning camp too. (Got that idea from this forum). Some of the cubs do early Scout cross over badgework (I dont know if you have a similar award)


Annual Troop overnight hike which is challenging and always somewhere that is an awesome environment.


Every second year the Cancer Council does a 24 hour relay walk. We enter as a team and the Scouts run the roster. They feel very mature when they have finished. It is a proving time for them. Tired and sore at the finish but proud.



We sleep in cardboard boxes in the middle of winter each year. The Scouts love it. Another test to be proud of.


Patrol camps every three - six months. Usually hikes. Sometimes as a part of our annual week long camp. (Another idea from this forum)


As described an annual week of camping. Exotic sites (overseas even). Just our Troop. Definately not a summer camp as you know it. Just a long Scout camp.


We have a wisdom stick which is a Scout staff that is all twisted at the bottom. Awarded by the adult leaders to whoever we think displays the most wisdom (defined any way we want) on each camp.


Our investitures are approaching some of those I have read about in this forum. A bit like an OA ceremony from what I can figure. The new Scouts and their parents (who watch) get a very memorable and enriching welcome. The best are outdoors.


A ceremony for moving the Scouts who have reached max age that has had one young bloke teary eyed and has had parents come to thank us for the dignity with which the Scout is farewelled.


And at every camp I run a SMs minute last thing at night most nights. In order to get around to everyones thoughts on the day the minute takes half an hour. Everyone gets a hearing although they can pass. The newest ones do but they soon loosen up.


These things add up to a high attendance at meetings and not much of a drop at camps. Usually 90% or so. I think that one big thing each year is not such a great idea. The momentum must stay up all year. We start talking about the next activity before we have finished the current one.


Sorry ScouterJoe. I got carried away.


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Hi Scouter Joe,

Thought I'd offer up a couple of annual activities that are our "troop must do's". Not knowing where you 'hail' from, you might find a similar area near you...


The first started about six years ago and gleans about 75-85% attendance every year. It is a three day Beach Camp. We trek to Assateague Island on Marylands eastern shore and camp in the sand, right next to the ocean.. (where the National Park Service and State of Maryland allow it). We plan the trek for a period when the water is too cold to swim and make it a fishing and hiking (looking for the wild ponies - (relatives of "Misty of Chincoteague"), sand football, cooking and beach combing...parents come out of the woodwork to "help" out on this one.


The best however, is for the Older Scouts and we have been doing this for 12 or 15 years. Every June we do a seven/eight day 100-110 mile canoe-camping trip on the James River in Central Virginia. This is for our 14 years and older scouts who have participated in our two and three day river trips and the training. They also must have earned first class or higher rank. This is a real 'right of passage' for the boys and most can not wait to be 'on the list'.


When these scouts come home from their first James River Trip (and most repeat as many times as they can)they have changed...it is as simple and strange as that...they have 'done' the river and they are more sure of themselves ...a bit more 'manly' to put a non-PC tag on it.


So, Scouter Joe, find a beach and find a good long river and go for it!


Finally, and I don't want to rain on this parade but be sure to have several (if not all) leaders certified for CPR, Safety Afloat, and Safe Swim a couple of BSA Life Guards isn't a bad idea either...

good scouting!


"if we are camping...its raining!"

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