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Question about volunteering

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Apologies if this is not in the correct forum, but I'm sure many volunteers help out at the district and unit level...is it an issue if I were to be a leader in a troop in one district, but volunteer at the district level in another district?  Or does it not matter that much and I'm overthinking things?  I'm in the process of attending meetings and getting to know the leaders in a troop, but just starting the application process (their chartered org requires a separate background check for volunteers in addition to the one that would be done by BSA).  How would fees work if I were approved by the troop and then decide to volunteer at the district level?

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No issues.  If anything, it might be a nice separation.  The only worry I'd have is extra work that conflicts with schedule.  For myself, I got involved at the district level because of our troop not hearing enough at the district level.  

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