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Mountain bikes (19?) stolen from Camp Wisdom (TX)

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Bikes have been a hot commodity during Covid. There was a time last year when bikes simply could not be found around here. Some parts are still hard to get and there is a market for them.  A guess a good wake up call for anyone else with bikes. 

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The stolen bikes amount to a nearly $20,000 loss

They broke the door open and just started grabbing bikes,” said Scott Arrington, the director of camping for the Boys Scouts of America Circle Ten Council.

He said 23 out of 30 bikes were stolen or damaged after they were abandoned nearby.

“Bikes are in very high demand. I think the idea is their eyes got a little bigger than maybe what they could feasibly take, and they tried to take more than they could carry out,” Arrington said.

He said the thieves even used the Boy Scouts’ wheelbarrows to carry things out.

More at source. Don't read, it will just upset you more...yeah, more thefts occurred weeks before at this camp - Camp Wisdom.


Better security needed for camp assets! Wonder how much insurance will cover, if anything. Hire McGruff!

My $0.02

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Police found the stolen bikes at a hidden trailer inside a homeless camp. It was thanks to members of the cycling community, who had been following what happened.

Police have one suspect, but no arrests have been made.

According to Dallas police, one of the stolen bikes was listed for sale on social media a few days later.

An unsuspecting buyer met someone at a gas station less than a mile from the camp just across Interstate 20 to buy the stolen bike. But when the buyer brought the bike into a repair shop, employees questioned if it was one of the Camp Wisdom bikes and immediately notified police. 

Woody Smith from Richardson Bike Mart was also on the lookout after hearing about what happened at Camp Wisdom. 

"Sometimes, the thieves will bring the bikes in and try and sell them and we can catch them in the act," he said.

Smith says right now bike hardware is still in high demand.

"Parts are bringing up a premium because of COVID," he said.

Police called in Air 1 to fly over where the bike was purchased. The helicopter spotted bike parts and tools scattered across a homeless camp in a nearby wooded area. Police also located other missing scout equipment inside a trailer on the property. 

"We only got one bike back completely intact," Camp Director Scott Arrington said.

Camp Wisdom says it’s had other things stolen in recent weeks, too, and it’s installing security cameras.

More details and video at source:


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