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Chapter 11 - A Game of Torts

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My advice to the judge echoes about 90% of what was posted earlier:

1) LCs have a drop dead date of June 1 to either reach an agreement with TCC (and FCR) or get lost. I'm not fully prepared to cut them all loose yet, but enough is enough. We already know that some/many LCs are selling camps to pay into a settlement fund based on what they were told by the Ad Hoc Committee of Local Councils. That indicates to me at least SOME LCs are TRYING to come up with settlement money. My concern is that they are being told by the Ad Hoc Committee to bring $X to the table and the TCC wants something much, much more from that LC. 30 days, or they get shoved out the courthouse door.

2) COs are on the same June 1 clock.

3) As for that June 1 deadlines, I've seen judges issue these kinds of orders before with the following added "requests for extensions (or continuances) will not be entertained". June 1 means June 1. Do, or do no. There is no try anymore.

4) I am not yet ready to agree to reject the ENTIRE bankruptcy due to the shell games BSA is playing with Arrow, WV (it's the Schrodinger's cat of assets It both is/isn't BSA's property. It both is/isn't restricted). There's already two adversary actions: a motion against the agreement BSA reached with JP Morgan over Summit + the main adversary case over BSA's assets includes "Note Receivable From Arrow WV"

Let's proceed to trial in District Court on that.

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I would not tell the judge anything, seeing as how she hasn't asked me for my opinion. I would, however, invite her to join me at my imaginary bar on my imaginary island for an imaginary mojito with all my imaginary friends and band because, well, nobody honestly cares one wit for my opinion so I may as well make this game productive. Scouting is a game with a purpose?

Besides, that would be more fun than arguing the minutiae of the BSA charter.

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