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Update 1/27/2022: Calling the Boy Scout-owned Deer Lake Camp a “magical” place, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., promised to help get federal funds to head off private development of the 25

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Hawkeye Area Council (Iowa) is selling Camp Waubeek to pay $446,000 settlement obligation.

Camp Waubeek is the portion being sold to cover the debt obligation due to sex crimes from the past. It’s a 97-acre piece of land just south of Camp Wakonda, the main camp.


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On 3/19/2022 at 7:34 AM, RememberSchiff said:

Minsi Trails Council is selling 900 acre Trexler Scout Reservation property in Monroe County, PA (Poconos) to help cover its $2.6 million conribution to the Trust.

"The council said it will take out a $4.5 million loan to help cover the debt and operations."

Starting in 2024, all Minsi Trails camping will occur at Camp Minsi on the 400-acre Stillwater Lake in Coolbaugh and Tobyhanna townships.

“Respectfully, this is quite possibly the most horrible decision that council leadership could have made,” Matthew Miles of Palmerton posted in a Facebook response to Minsi Trails Council’s post. “Thanks to the donation of the land by General Harry C. Trexler a century ago, scouting was given a chance to grow and flourish in Eastern Pennsylvania. Now, because no one wants to explore all options, or think outside of the box, this land will be gone. There is zero chance of getting this land back.”

“We were told nothing was going to change with the camps,” Peter Felton said. “To consolidate into one camp is ridiculous. It will require infrastructure. [Trexler] has two dining halls, a pool and an area built for the Cub Scouts, which Minsi would need to put in. This camp has been here since I was a child and it’s a legacy going away.”

In the last ten years, Council Boy Scout membership has declined from over 10,000 youth to 4,500.

Minsi Trails Council will also sell/relocate its Service Center and Scout Store. 






Update 12/21/2022: Camp Trexler, Pocono Heritage Land Trust (PHLT)

PHLT plans to put in a bid as soon as the property gets listed for sale in the first quarter of 2023, but one complication in the matter is that the land trust is only allowed to pay the appraised value of a property.

So, a win for PHLT might look like someone else buying the property — a hunting club or church group, for example — and partnering with the PHLT to preserve it.

“If we can’t buy the property, we want to work with whoever does buy the property to make sure that it’s not developed,” PHLT Executive Director Louise Troutman said. Ideally, that solution would involve public access, but at the very least, PHLT wants it protected by a conservation easement even if it does not become a nature preserve that is open to the public.


Supporters can sign a petition at phlt.org and pledge money if they are interested in helping fund the purchase.

Troutman noted that previous generations of some of the farming families in the Jonas area sold farmland to the Scouts.

“They didn’t sell it for development. They sold it for the benefit of the boys,” she said.

More at source:



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Saw this on a district's webpage today. While the post and  at fireside chat meeting, the council said it was to focus on the main camp, one Exec Board member, told me that is not what they were told. It was to cover the cost of the settlement. Either way a great primitive camp is lost.


To: East Carolina Council Membership Youth and Volunteers
Subject: Sale of Camp Charles, Bailey, N.C.
The Board of East Carolina Council would like to notify our membership that we have finalized the sale of Camp Charles in Bailey N.C. This was a difficult and complex decision as this property has been in use by our council for over ninety years to serve youth.
In 2021, the Board evaluated the complexities and financial burden of maintaining numerous properties across our council. In short, we were unable to adequately maintain all properties to meet the needs of our membership and sustain East Carolina Council’s scouting mission. The board came to this difficult decision after evaluating three key dynamics in maintaining properties:
·Costs - costs for maintenance and repair at multiple camp properties across our twenty
(20) county council territory
·NCAP Standards – the prudent and increasing camp standards (NCAP – BSA’s National
Camp Accreditation Program)
·Focus - our ability to provide world class offerings at our primary camp operations the
442-acre Camp Boddie Scout Reservation and Pamlico Sea Base High Adventure Camp
For the sale of this property the board sought two key initiatives from a buyer: 1) to secure appropriate funding from the sale of Camp Charles to sustain the mission of scouting in Eastern North Carolina and support future enhancements at Camp Boddie Scout Reservation and Pamlico Sea Base and 2) a buyer that would maintain the property for recreational use by many. We are pleased to share that we have accomplished both goals and have sold the property to the AJ Fletcher Foundation. The AJ Fletcher Foundation has a focus to improve the lives and well-being of all North Carolinians and has communicated initial plans to utilize the property for use by youth serving organizations for retreat and outdoor camping space.
Additionally, we have entered an initial three year “Use Agreement” with the AJ Fletcher Foundation to utilize Camp Charles for East Carolina Scout unit camping and events across the next three years as detailed below:
·2023 – minimum of four (4) weekends consisting of two weekends in the Spring and two
weekends in the Fall
·2024 – four (4) weekends consisting of two weekends in the Spring and two weekends in
the Fall
·2025 – up to four (4) weekends (subject to A J Fletcher's approval in 2025) consisting of
two weekends in the Spring and two weekends in the Fall
Through this transaction both boards (East Carolina Council and AJ Fletcher Foundation) are committed to work together to enhance the lives and leadership development of youth across eastern North Carolina and beyond.
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