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YP as society-wide continuing problem

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My apologies if I extend a worn out discussion .. that if BSA is especially at fault ... my asserting this is more a society issue than BSA.  

I was on a long drive yesterday.  And, I'm a news junkie.  I was listening to this on the radio. 

HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU READ THIS.  ... I was hugely surprised at the extent / numbers.


  • Associated press news search found 17,000 cases in recent four year period
    • Modern laws.  Modern society understanding of abuse.
  • Mislabeling / minimizing incidents
    • Rape / penetration reported as hazing or "inappropriate physical contact"
  • Multiple cases where coaches knew and failed to intervene or, worse, tried to cover it up
    • Modern laws require "mandatory reporting", but failure to report
    • BSA lawsuit mostly were before "mandatory reporting" laws applied to scout leaders

This is consistent with my past and recent experiences.

  • When I was in high school, multiple hockey players "hazed" other new players.  Players were suspended, but victims dropped out for awhile (not 100% sure what happened).
  • Recently, discussion with other school dads ... Traveling tournaments ... dads went out drinking at night ... team (20+ players) stayed behind at hotel with one adult as contact watching over them.   Multiple hotel rooms.  Players roaming.  That was the standard for all traveling tournaments.
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Don’t stop at high school, or in education. An unwillingness to file incident reports pervades every field.
Soon, when you need a urologist to examine you, a chaperon will be in the room as well.

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Ya know ... medicine ... I forgot that one ... when I was a youth ... I'd hear news reports a few times a year about a dentist, a psychologist or a doctor that abused their patients (youth and adult) in our state.  It's one reason a 2nd person or parent is required in the room for many examinations.  Doctors often viewed as saints above the reproach of the commoner ... yet can often be abusers like the next guy down the block.


Figure skating ... https://abcnews.go.com/US/skater-sues-coach-federation-alleged-sexual-abuse-coverup/story?id=71871705

Roller skating ... 200+ victims ... Trying to find name of the convicted predator that taught at roller rinks and abused 100s.  His jail interview was part of Virtus training. 

Wrestling coach .., https://www.esquire.com/sports/a35120040/richard-strauss-ohio-state-wrestling-sexual-abuse/

Others often know ... Abuse victims are often not the first victim.  Others see problems before the abuse happens.  This stuff is not new and not unique to BSA.

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Special Ed teachers since 2020 ... not sure 100% were special ed, but think so


BSA is not really unique at all.  

More interesting statistics ... start reading page 20 onward for numbers ... very scary ... those percents are of 328 million people who are alive and gone thru the school system.  Even 4% is 13 million students.  6.7 percent is about 22 million.  etc, etc.


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Agreed. This is a problem all over. However, public school districts are notoriously difficult (and in some cases impossible) to sue over cases like this, so you don't get the attention-grabbing headlines (and case numbers and dollar amounts) like you do with Catholic dioceses or the Boy Scouts.

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So, will the sensationalist media grab these and run, leaving BSA in the shadows?  Probably not, as the lawyers do not see the money, so they will not feed the media, and so the media would have to do what they once did, actually dig for information and the facts.


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51 minutes ago, skeptic said:

So, will the sensationalist media grab these and run, leaving BSA in the shadows?  

I really don't think this is media driven.  The BSA bankruptcy isn't a major story.  The media barely mentions scouting.  It's a non-story.  Even if BSA is wiped out, it will be briefly reported on page 5.  Not a headliner.  Nobody cares.  BSA isn't going to be invited to do interviews with Oprah.  

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July 1, 2022

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, which operates six youth centers in New York City, told told U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane on Friday that it intends to use its Chapter 11 case to mediate more than a hundred sexual abuse claims involving a doctor who volunteered at the centers decades ago.

"We're here to fairly and equitably compensate survivors of what they describe as hideous sexual abuse that took place many years ago at Madison's former premises," attorney Alan Kornberg said.

Without bankruptcy protections, the 138-year-old youth organization would likely run out of money in 60 days and be forced to liquidate, Kornberg said.

Nearly all of the abuse claims stem from the conduct of a single doctor, Reginald Archibald, who volunteered at Madison from the 1940s to the 1980s. Archibald, who died in 2007, also worked as a pediatric endocrinologist at Rockefeller University Hospital, which revealed Archibald’s history of sexual misconduct in a 2018 investigation.

More at source:


May 22, and June 16, 2022

For decades, complaints of sex abuse by pastors and staff in the largest U.S. Protestant denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, were either ignored or covered up by top clergy, according to an internal report released on Sunday.

The nearly 300-page report details how complaints were kept as "closely guarded information" within the Convention to avoid liability, "to exclusion of all other considerations," it said.


Southern Baptist Convention members voted on Wednesday to set up an independent task force to investigate allegations of sexual abuse by pastors and volunteers, including the response to accusations by the religious body's executive committee.


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