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Hello everyone, I'm a Rover scout from Utah, and the Rover Scout Leader of my Crew. I'm also a scouting mom to my two oldest boys. I love the things I learn from scouting; not only does it bring me closer to my family, it got me out of a spiritual rut and gave me a better appreciation of God and has been supplemental to my religious practice.

I look forward to participating in this forum. I'm normally adverse to participating on social media, but I hope my experience here will be fulfilling!

If you're interested in checking out our Crew, please look at our website: aspenmountainrc.blogspot.com

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Greetings fellow Scouter "from the crossroads of the West!" I lived in the beautiful state of Utah for 10 years (BYU alumnus here) and have a great deal of family there as well. Welcome to the forums - make yourself at home here! They're all good folks in these here parts. 😀

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