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National releases membership numbers. All programs down 40-48%

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I am a scoutmaster that is pro-sports, so I work around each scout's other activities. My son now has baseball practice on troop meeting nights, so he is taking a break from scout meetings for a bit. A bunch of older scouts were gone for basketball, so younger scouts had an opportunity to be SPL for that time. 

I do think BSA needs to rethink everything, because most requirements are to much like school. Develop a scouts character in the outdoors.

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There are also regional breakdowns http://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/commissioner/newsletter/2021_winter/KPI_NatlRegion.pdf

I can tell you, having been either DL or ADL for both of my boys from tiger to AOL, (They are two years apart in age) that the cub program is way to long & repetitive. IMO.  I'm just an amateur sc

Covid is a whole new experience, but in the past scouting families don't come back. However, good marketing can do wonders if this a Covid response. I don't get the feel the public cares much about th

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