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4 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

Good point. I recall the swine flu fiasco of 1976.. 


Due to the incomplete ( and wrong) science at that time and fear of unexplained possible side-effects such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome , I and 80% of the US did not get the flu shot that year. Here's a photo of one of few, an unidentified Eagle Scout, who did get a swine flu shot.

We're not vax deniers, but our family has dealt with vax reactions in the past.  My oldest had a major reaction to his 6 mo shots, to the point that we stopped all his shots.  Years later we found out that Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a horrible disease to go through.  My oldest son contracted a rare variant of it (Miller-Fischer) as a young teenager.  We still don't know how or why he got it, and probably never will.  So thankful for IVIG plasma treatments, and a neurologist that had a pretty good guess as to what it could be (since the spinal tap & blood workups took weeks to come back).  At the time, the doctors told him never to get a flu shot, and because of that, he's leaning towards opting out of the covid shot.  It's just hard to make that decision when there's no data available for cases like that.   

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No medical professional or researcher would claim that ANY drug or vaccine is "100% SAFE".  All risk is relative.  We have risk factors and comorbidities.  We have personally seen at least 5 friends a

Not everyone who does not want the vaccine is a denier. A lot of folks in the medical field have reservations about the vaccines. One of them stated that they had serious questions about one company's

There are also those of us who have been infected already, and are waiting to see what observation and studies say about extended immunity, and who want to see if any longer-term effects start to show

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18 hours ago, Eagle94-A1 said:

Not everyone who does not want the vaccine is a denier. A lot of folks in the medical field have reservations about the vaccines.

I would never say that medical considerations, allergic reactions etc. to include Covid deniers.  Forgive me if I gave that impression.  I have a personal mild reaction to some skin tests, nothing life threatening but still there.   The unfortunate folks that try to rationalize their desire to not be inconvenienced by masks,  restaurant closings, church attendance limitations ("personal freedom"). . .  The 1918 Liberty Loan Parade comparisons between Boston, Philadelphia  and St. Louis are educational.   St. Louis Medical director convinced the city to close public gatherings and canceled the parade.  Philadelphia went ahead some days later and the number of influenza cases sky rocketed in the days to follow.   Google is your friend.  

Philadelphia Threw a WWI Parade That Gave Thousands of Onlookers the Flu | History | Smithsonian Magazine

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My mother, sister, and 2 nephews all received the Pfizer vaccine with no ill effects.  My brother-in-law was laid low for a day or two after each shot.  The brother-in-law is probably the fittest person in the family (he's a physical therapist and physical conditioning counselor by trade) with about 3% body fat but the vaccine just hammered him.

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On 2/15/2021 at 2:10 PM, Eagle94-A1 said:

Not everyone who does not want the vaccine is a denier. A lot of folks in the medical field have reservations about the vaccines. One of them stated that they had serious questions about one company's study methodology after reading a peer reviewed  medical journal article on the vaccine. Others have questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, and whether it will really make a difference or not based upon their reading of the ongoing research of the virus. I have read of hospitals offer bonuses in the form of cash and extra days off as an incentive for their staff to get the vaccine.


Trust me they know it's real. They know they have to be cautious. But they have legitimate concerns because these vaccine have been fast tracked. They do not know what long term effects the vaccines will have.

I am not a doctor but I am an engineer and used to dealing with tests and data analysis.  I took the flu vaccine every year when I was on active duty because I was required to.  I probably caught the flu every 2 or 3 years despite that.  When I retired over 10 years ago, I stopped taking the flu vaccine because I'd read how it's created and was appalled -- haven't had the flu since.  My clinic asks me about it every year and every year I tell them I'd be happy to take it if someone has a study showing it's more effective now.

I intend to take the CV-19 vaccine when offered but there are very real reasons to have qualms about various products or procedures without being a "denier".

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I got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine last month, with no symptoms other than serious pain in my left arm the next day.  Got the second dose a week ago today, and had much milder arm pain last Sunday, but did run about 100.2 most of the day, which was handled with Tylenol.  Got up Monday morning feeling fine.

Considering that I am working with hundreds of elementary school children every day, most of whom are masked, but a fair number of whom are not, there was no question but that I would get vaccinated as soon as I was able.  I have talked with a number of Scouter friends who are in the same upper age range as I am who are online every day trying to get an appointment with no luck.  I was fortunate, in that our school district worked with the local health department to get a day set up for any staff over 65 who wanted the vaccine, or I am sure I would still be trying as well.

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