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National Committee Patch

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There are three purple national committee-oriented patches.  The National Executive Board (a huge group) has its purple patch worn by its members.  Just under them is the equally large National Advisory Council, which has its own patch.  It is mainly comprised of either former National Executive Board members who no longer want to fulfill executive board responsibilities or people who are being considered for National Executive Board membership or are being honored for distinguished service or financial contributions.  Finally, if a Scouter is formally appointed to the national committee system but not a member of the Executive Board or Advisory Council, that person wears a National Committee patch.  Members of small temporary committees to study and advise on a narrow topic are not formally part of the national committee system and are not provided a purple patch.  Perhaps that is what you mean by "sub-committee".   The national commissioner organization has its own patches, which are easily purchased and specialized for just about every function.  Of these patches, the Advisory Council patches are almost never seen, because it meets so infrequently and its members never wear uniforms (and therefore do not request them).  All of this information is likely outdated due to the bankruptcy and the inevitable sweeping-away of the previous and complex national BSA governance system.

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