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Universtity of Scouting class

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So tomorrow I am teaching how to make a monkey's fist keychain over zoom at our local University of Scouting.  I asked one of my Sea Scouts to help me teach it.  It should be interesting to see her try to help teach adults.   It will be good experience for her 🙂


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What fun! I have taught at University of Scouting for the past few years, and it has been one of my favorite experiences in Scouting! Of course, that might be due to the fact that I get to teach all the leader-specific training courses for new Den Leaders and Cubmasters, which (as everybody knows) are the most delightful and exciting of all UofS classes! I LOVE training new leaders, especially new Den Leaders, who are usually the least-experienced and most-nervous Scouters there. Giving them the tools, resources, and confidence they need to get out there and make the most of their Scouting experience is one of the true joys of my little heart. 😄

What I find amusing/obnoxious is that when I forget to give a thorough introduction, the inevitable question of my age comes up and I get Scouters asking me "so, are you a den chief? I didn't know youth members taught courses here!" 😣 🙄 I'm a GROWN UP people. At least, that's what my I.D. says. 😂 

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