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My son and I missed our troop's end of year re-chartering for 2021...

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Hello to all,

My son and I are currently out of USA right now due to COVID and scheduled for a return around mid-April 2021.

We have been out of USA since Nov 2020. He still attended meeting because is a Online Zoom Meeting.

Usually, troop collect next year's fees around Nov and Dec (BSA fees, Insurance, and Troop dues).

But I have missed the troop's re-chartering due to oversea. And I think we are no longer on the Troop Roster because my son and I didn't pay yet.

Troop know my current situation.

So how do I register my son and I again? Do I call the Council Office? or What should I do?


Thank you all. and Yours in Scouting.

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If this were a scout in my troop, I would have paid for the registration in exchange for some treats (or at least a post-card) from your overseas placement.

Do you use scoutbook? Does anything there say something about rechartering?

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Get in touch with your troop right away.  There's a good chance that even if you weren't included in the recharter this can be rectified without new paperwork and with the troop just calling council.   Charters don't actually expire until the last day of the month, although councils want the units to get them done before that.

Even if you did happen to drop off the roster the fix is really simple, you just fill out a new app, which almost certainly can be done online. 

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