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To my fellow moderators, I have returned briefly to deliver some sad news. Please place this notification wherever you think it fits best. 

To all in the Forums and especially any 'old-timers' who are still keeping in touch,

I am deeply saddened, in tears in fact, to notify you that one of our good friends, gwd-scouter , with whom I shared many good times in both Scouting and other times, who some of you may remember was a champion of social justice both in and outside of Scouting, whose passion for the outdoors, Scouting, and family was immense, came to life's end this morning at 0213. I was just notified of this by her husband with whom I also shared many good memories and her son with whom I interacted as while a member of the faculty at his school.

Both of us eventually 'aged out' of Scouting as our families grew up and we 'passed our batons' to new leaders. She was about to enjoy retirement when her family was struck by SARS-cov-2 and all of them contracted COVID-19. While her husband and son recovered after their illness, she also seemed to be in recovery and even a few days ago communicated to me and other friends about her optimism after some serious concerns seemed to have passed. But evidently her optimism was short-lived and the relief I had felt initially with her optimistic outlook was just shattered this morning with the news of her death. 
I will refrain from commenting on my views of issues surrounding COVID-19 at this sad time. I merely wanted to let anyone who cares to know about her. As I am certain there are plenty of other Scouting families who have suffered similar losses, I offer my deepest sympathy to them as well and best wishes to all of you.


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I went looking for Karen’s nickname here at Scouter, had just found it, and was ready to post the same thing.  

My heart hurts right now. Gwd-Scouter, Karen Buchanan, was a great Scouter and better friend. Our friendship started here, and then moved to Facebook.  One minute you could find us debating ACA at a deep level, the next minute we were sharing some triumph or other of our own kids development as low brass players. I will surely miss her. 

ok, Keith... @SR540Beaver, your turn.

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Sad to hear this.  The passing of a Scouter brings a sense of loss, not only to family and friends, but also to their entire community. 

God's peace to her and her family.

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