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Eagle Board of Review concerns

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9 hours ago, sunshinescout said:

 I (and my family) ended up paying the nominal costs of the project.  I think everything should be in order.s time for a Board of Review.


9 hours ago, sunshinescout said:

I ended up (very respectfully and matter of factly) expressly stating to project reviewers that I wasn't going to do a fundraiser.  Some were unhappy, but one ended up approving it.

This is what has me curious and concerned not just for your sake but in general. It sounds as if the scouters in your district are trying to make you and other scouts fundraise.

First, National explicitly frowns on this.



The BSA prefers you don’t fundraise for Eagle projects

Second, where's the money going? Are units using this to supplement their coffers?

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15 minutes ago, CynicalScouter said:

Second, where's the money going? Are units using this to supplement their coffers?

@sunshinescout@CynicalScouter knows, as I do, that any monies raised for an Eagle Scout Service Project (ESSP) belong to the beneficiary of the project.

If any Scout, unit, or organization other than the beneficiary, keeps money raised by an Eagle Scout candidate for purposes of funding an ESSP, then that is tantamount to theft.

Now, if there is money left over from a fundraising effort, and the Eagle Scout candidate gives it to the beneficiary, and the beneficiary chooses to give it to some other organization or individual, that is their prerogative.

Yet another reason National wishes to avoid projects that require fundraising...and why you should avoid one, as well, especially if you do not need it for your project.

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11 hours ago, sunshinescout said:

... I thought I'd add that my scoutmaster is actually on the Eagle Board of Reviews and project reviews for the district, so I'm hesitant to bring up concerns about the district scouters to him.  I did mention their requirement for fundraising and the contradiction in the GTA, and his advice to me was to save time in getting the project approved and just do a fundraiser.  I think he might either agree with the district or not want to contradict them to a scout, which I can respect.  ...

...  Some of the scouters were quite degrading toward my project proposal (making it seem like I was lazy and incompetent about my project), and I think they might have the same take when it comes time for a Board of Review.

Thanks for the update. We scouts and scouters tend to be a plain-spoken bunch. So you're going to here about dislikes as well as likes. Shoot, you are even welcome dislike this post by down-voting!

Now, SMs and ASMs are not on a board of review, we generally introduce you to the board, leave the room, and wait somewhat uncomfortably out in the hallway for you to join us, then wait some more while the board deliberates. So he will not be able to sway the board one way or the other. In your scoutmaster conference, you can discuss how things went down and how the approval process was emotionally trying, discuss what you learned from it, and voice your concerns that some members may still hold a bias against your work. Your SM should then be able to help you continue to reflect on your work so you will be well prepared to present it to the board.

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