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Impeachment of Committee Chair

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How to impeach a committee chairman.


-Spreading Fake News (already made scoutmasters leave) and spread fake news about MANY parents.

-Abuse powers

-Stop a scout from rechartering just he doesn’t like his parents.

-Threatening parents to do what he said. (otherwise, spreading fake news until they leave).


Any way to start an impeachment process? or scouting resources that can report the chairman.


Thank you.

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This is something that would be handled by the Chartered Organization Rep (COR) or the Institutional Head/ Exec Officer.  They should definitely be filled in on what is going on.  Many times, the COR is not directly involved in the unit or it's committee, but one of the roles of the COR is to oversee the Scout unit and make sure that it is operating within the guidelines of BSA & the Chartering Org.  In our area, the Council never really gets involved in internal unit affairs like this.  

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There is no "impeachment" of a committee chair. What exactly and precisely is going on? And what is "fake news"?

The committee chair is selected by the Chartered Organization through its Chartered Organization Representative.

If you disagree with the actions of a committee chair (generally) the point of contact is the Chartered Organization Representative. The committee does not "impeach" the committee chair and has nothing to do with the selection or removal of the committee chair.

That said, note I said "generally". If there is a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of scout (e.g. the committee chair is beating a scout) then law enforcement and contacting your local scout executive under the youth protection guidelines.

But if this is just "I don't like the committee chair" or "I disagree with the committee chair" or internal political/personal squabbles, then go to the Chartered Organization Representative. If they side with the committee chair, that is the end of the conversation.

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In general, the leadership of the Chartering Organization (CO) through the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) of the troop decides whether or not a chair remains. If the Committee Chair is good friends with the CO leadership, then there is not much you can do. I would bring up your concerns to the COR to feel them out. If the COR refuses to address the issue, then the best thing to do is find another troop. If this is the only troop in the area, then consider starting a new troop with parents pushed out of the troop. There is also the lone scout program.

I was removed (mutany) as scoutmaster of my troop for a month via a vote of the committee. I took a stand that it is the scouts that select their new senior patrol leader and a faction of the committee wanted me to veto that selection on grounds that the scout selected had character issues. The COR and CC went to bat for me to remove two troublesome parents from the troop and reinstated me as scoutmaster. In the end my troop split into two troops and it will take my troop 1-2 years to recover from the event. 

The point of my story is adult fighting does hurt the scouts and the credibility of the scouting program. I wish I handled this situation better...even switched to a different troop, but the scouts needed me to be there for them given all of the issues the troop has encountered before my son joined. If you want to fight, then I would make sure it is for the right reasons. But even if your side is right, sometimes it is better to avoid the fight and find another troop. Help that troop be the troop that scouts want to join. 

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Not sure what "fake news" means...but there are laws against slander and libel.  Seldom does gossip rise to that level, however.  As some mentioned above, all those that are the "victims" of this should take your scouts, and form or move to another troop, and let your SE  and the chartered organization head know why in no uncertain terms.  

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