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DRAFT: DE&I merit badge requirements

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One of the Scouting FB groups that had these requirements posted, took down the post and 153 (last time I looked) comments down and is asking folks to report anyone who does post them. Sounds Orw

Careful please. Don't mistake my views vs. those of others. As I said, I believe as a MBC I could work with this MB. I can also very much see/know/observe in the Reddit and Facebook groups and ev

Impossible.  ... We value making connections with our scouts.  To make connections, we talk.  Maybe a few can discuss this topic at the ideal concept level.  But most will bring their politics into it

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5 minutes ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

Our council sent out their newsletter a few minutes ago.  Zero mention of D,E, & I.

The sticking point is they have not figured out a way to "vet" the DE&I MBCs. They only want certain people with certain training to do it and they haven't figured out a way as to how councils and districts would do that.

What I was told was Councils got the requirements and specifications and Wednesday night BUT were told to hold them until National released today.



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