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Posting images on scouter.com

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Copy Image By Location

Say you are on a webpage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_Scouts_of_America  and you want to copy an image on that page to your scouter.com post, try this

1. Move mouse over image, in this case the three familiar fellows.

2. Right click mouse and a dropdown menu appears.


3. With mouse scroll down the dropdown menu, stop on Copy Image Location selection and left click mouse. This copies the URL address to your clipboard.

4. Now move mouse pointer to your scouter.com post that you are creating/editing.  Press left mouse button where you want image,  and on keyboard hold-down CTRL key and press V. The image URL address will briefly appear but will soon the image will be uploaded from its source. Like below.


There are other ways to do this but this works for me.  Note in using this method, the image is linked back to its source page so it will be current well unless source deletes image or page ...oops.


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