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Ham Repeater At Camp

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Our local Amateur Radio club (www.qsl.net/k5eph) is working on a project to build a medium power Amateur Radio repeater at a BSA camp in Texas.


This repeater will serve as an additional courtesy and convenience to the thousands of people who use the camp each year, many of whom are ham radio operators.


Further, it will be a great teaching tool. Our club teaches the Radio and Weather Merit Badges at the camp and it will be wonderful to actually DEMONSTRATE what a repeater is rather than just TELL the students that these repeater thing-ma-jigs exist out there in the world somewhere.


Of course, we hope that the repeater will generate more interest in Amateur Radio when Scouts see their ham buddies communicating over much greater distances than are possible with ordinary FRS radios.


Here is my question...I have not heard of any other camp having its own ham repeater. Perhaps if we hurry up with the project we will be the first camp in the nation with such.


Does anybody know of other camps in the USA with their own ham repeaters inside the camp?


Finally, we expect to have our Radio Merit Badge curriculum and student workbooks posted on our club web site soon. Please feel free to make use of the information and let us know how it works out for you.




James Alderman, KF5WT

Dallas, TX


Email address: my ham call sign @ verizon.net




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Our council camp, Camp Greilick in the Scenic Trails Council in Michigan has been offering the Radio merit badge for the last couple of years. The first year it was with a volunteers equipment. Now they have a radio shack and antenna. I am not sure if the equipment is owned by the camp or not. Its a great addition to summer camp offerings.

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