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Hornaday Award => Distinguished Conservation Service Award

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24 minutes ago, Summitdog said:

the unit award is reviewed and awarded by National (no longer within the jurisdiction of the council). 

Is this even for units?


”Organization ‐ BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Certificate
This conservation award is granted to organizations or individuals by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Nominations are accepted from any recognized conservation or environmental protection organization. The organization or individual should have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to the education of youth on a regional, national, or international level reflecting the natural resource conservation and environmental improvement mission of the BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards program.
A letter of nomination should be addressed to the BSA Director of Conservation. Letters of endorsement are encouraged.
This application to be submitted to the National BSA Director of Conservation and reviewed by the National Conservation Awards Committee.”

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I hope Hornaday's conservation work was reviewed and also a factor. https://www.npr.org/sections/krulwich/2011/11/11/142211950/what-not-to-do-when-you-meet-the-last-great-wild-buffalo IMHO,

For more than a century, the BSA has encouraged and honored conservation work with an award that recognizes youth, adults and organizations who have demonstrated tremendous effort and commitment to th

Displaying a caged African in a zoo? In the Monkey House? Yeah, "controversy" is doing some heavy lifting there.

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Feb 12, 2021 Virginia.  Perhaps the last adult Hornaday awardee.

ASM David G. Brickley recently earned the Boy Scouts of America William T. Hornaday Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Natural Resource Conservation at the Boy Scouts’ National Capital Area Council’s annual meeting.

Brickley has been active in the Boy Scouts of America for more than 40 years, and currently serves an assistant scoutmaster of the all-girl troop 1888 in Fairfax.  He’s also the founder of the 9/11 National Memorial Trail, 1,300-mile biking, hiking and motor-friendly trail that connects the three 9/11 memorial sites via six states and the District of Columbia (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.). For more information or to donate, visit 911trail.org.


“As a life-long advocate of our trails, greenways and conservation efforts in Virginia, this inspiring award is truly humbling and appreciated,” said David G. Brickley, founder of the September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance, and Boy Scouts of America awardee. “Our great outdoors are truly a place of respite and healing, which is why I’ve championed and helped create the 9/11 National Memorial Trail to honor and commemorate those lives lost that tragic day.”

More on Mr. Brickley and the 9/11 National Memorial Trail at source:


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PA scout, Christian Snouffer will be awarded the William T, Hornaday Silver Medal ; he was just one of "seven Scouts in the nation to receive the award in 2020". 

“I was really happy that all my hard work paid off,” Christian said. “It took me about two years to get it.”

Christian previously earned these state  conservation awards: the Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Award, the Pennsylvania Forest Conservation Award and the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Conservation Award.


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Dallas,TX: Above his environmental journey started in 2019, now 2000 work hours and 4 conservation projects later, after installing the trash cans, organizing a battery drive, tracking and releasing quail at Lake Lewisville, and "installing beehives and introducing native plants to the former concrete dumping site that’s now Bonton Farms" all that remains is the paperwork.

“I (Scout Baxter Perry-Miller) never saw this award and said, ‘I’m getting the award for the award,’” Perry-Miller said. “I worked on this award so that I could help the world and make an impact. I love being able to leave a place better than I found it.”

He’s said selflessness is addicting because once you make an investment in the outdoors, it’s bound to grow on you. 



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Morgan credits his father, David, a retired minister and seminary professor, with taking him fishing, hunting, and on nature hikes all his life.


“I think my interest in conservation came from my dad taking me out into nature at a young age. I think otherwise I would have loved just playing video games and staying in my room. But he always pulled me outside to fish, and at first, I didn't like it. Now, I've really come to love fishing as a time for fellowship and having fun and friends.”

During his Scouting journey, Morgan has earned 66 merit badges, 9 palms, 7 medals, 5 knots, and 10 Boy Scouts of America (BSA) outdoor and environmental awards, including BSA’s most prestigious conservation award — The BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award with Silver Honors. Only 178 Scouts in the Boy Scouts’ 112-year history earned this award, which required four research and conservation service projects from four different environmental categories.

Morgan will be an incoming freshman at SMU Lyle School of Engineering and dreams of a career in water conservation.

More at source including his projects:


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