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Scouting U/National sanctioned virtual IOLS is now a reality

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I am hopeful this is not the way it will be long term.  I realize it probably is the way it will be.  

In person training is just so much far superior in most ways with good instructors.  I think parts of IOLS can be done well online like the SM fundamentals portions, but the outdoor skills, really need to be done in person.  Have you ever tried to teach someone to tie a knot virtually?  It is a frustrating experience for both people.  You really need to see and interact with the student to understand how to best help them.

We have adapted our Sea Scout meetings to have somethings done online and other things in person. There are things that do work but many do not.  IOLS is one of those things IMHO that needs to be hands on.

Sea Badge/Wood Badge for example can be taught online but you lose the most important part of the training which is the networking that is achieved.  I have gained so many friends/helpers from taking and staffing those courses that I wouldn't have gotten if they were online.  e.g. One of the people taking Sea Badge happenned to be a climbing Cope instructor.  Our scouts wanted to go climbing, I rang up my new friend and he helped our scouts get that setup.

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