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“Common to more than one country” World Consv projects

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Looking for guidance for what is entailed for a project to address “a conservation need common to more than one country.”?  That is the wording for the Scouts BSA World Conservation award.

Im  trying to not see the project as a cross border effort. 
Theoretically if a scout plants a tree in Texas that will eventual help Canada. Right? 
if a scout helps with an erosion control project that helps a waterway then eventually that helps the world by Maintaining top soil and plant growth and the water cycle, right?

or is it that the same problem must exist in more than one country - air quality, water quality - but the project can address it in one country  

anyway thoughts on what “common to more than one country means.”


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@TMcL you are on target...effects of almost any conservation initiative can be expanded to a planet level...

"common to more than one country" is fluff to make it more "World Conservation"-y

Flip the question...what conservation projects' affects could not be extended to be common to more than one country??  I can't think of any. 

Perhaps the purpose of this is to get the Scout to see small local efforts as having a far-reaching impact.  (Think globally, act locally?)

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21 hours ago, Sentinel947 said:

Your council or National may be able to provide clarity. As written, my guess is that the issue has to effect more than one country, but the project only has to benefit one country. IE Deforestation is a problem in many countries. 

Good way to think of it 

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You might be too far inland to appreciate this, but ...

Before the pandemic thwarted a visit to India, I wanted to check out mangrove restoration in Mumbai. The plants are essential to shoring up coast line and providing brackish lagoon habitats. I’ve seen similar projects on waterways in FL. (Some were Eagle projects.)

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