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Not lurking any more...

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well....probably a little bit more lurking, but after hanging around here for 6 months, I figured I should introduce myself. I will be around a little more often and posting a bit as I am a new Assistant Cub Master for my son's Pack - with a lot to learn.


My name is Kurt and my son is a Tiger that will be moving to Wolf soon. I was a cub scout from Wolf through AOL, and then a boy scout for about 6 months (unfortunately, the troop that I was in was not very good, and I quickly lost interest). Cub Scouting was one of the best times I ever had, and I am relly excited to see how much my son is liking it as well.


Short story about how they recruited me as ACM...


I was interested in being the Tiger Den leader, but they had already filled the position by the time I found out about it. I stayed active with my son, and had (am still having) a great time.


At Blue and Gold this past February, a friend (the ACM moving to CM) walked up to me and said "You know, if that shirt was a lighter color, you could almost pass for leader...you interested?" I realized that the shirt I had on was a dark Khaki color. I also found out that the other ACM was becoming the CC. My wife would be the first to tell you that I cannot say NO to anybody that asks me to volunteer - especially when it is related to my son. That night, I became the new ACM.


So here I am. I have already been through the 4 basic trainings, (FS, NLE, Cub Specific, and YP) now trying to find a time to squeeze BALOO in before our pack camp out at the end of April. Not required (nearly every other leader is BALOO trained) but I figured it would not hurt to get it done sooner than later.


I think my wife is right - I don't know when to shut up when talking about scouts...





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Wecome from Geneseo,Ill. I got involved in this web site a few weeks ago. If your pack does not work very well, you will find out that you are not alone out in the cold. These folks will help you build some shelter and stoke up a roaring campfire.


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A hearty welcome as well from a man who used to live on the Hoffman Estates/Elgin border. You should check out Northwest Suburban's Cub Scout Camp in Woodstock for one of your pack's outings. Their number is (847) 824-6880 . . .



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With the sale of the Hoover Education Center in Yorkville, we will be looking for a new home for our annual Spring Camping trip. I will keep that phone number handy when we start working on the schedule.

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Have you heard about the joint venture between 3 Fires & DesPlaines Valley to create a Cub Resident Camp at TFC Ranch in Rochelle? Could be interesting!


Our Camp Tomo is in Gilberts up near Elgin. A nice camp, unfortunately for Spring camping, weekends in May are pretty booked with various trainings, and in June the camp starts gearing up for summer camp. April is already upon us, so we will be looking at youth group camps in the local county forest preserves for late May.


But if you need alt dates for BALOO, WLOT, Woodbadge, etc, give my council a call (708-354-1111). Tomo is nearby & training can be carried from council to council! We had someone from 3F with us at BALOO last year.


Again - Welcome!

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