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The new Scoutbook - What happened??

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I logged in for the first time today to see the all new Scoutbook for Den Leaders. I'm at a total loss, I can't find anything, I can't edit my calendar, I can't add advancement, all I can do on the calendar is move things around, but I can't delete anything. I can't find the messaging features anymore, that I used to use to send out emails and text notifications.

Is this normal? Is it still at all possible to just manually add meeting dates to the calendar or do I have to use the pre-populated meeting schedules?

If this is how Scoutbook is now, it's unusable for me. Looks like they replaced a lot of functionality with non-functional cartoon graphics.

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Don't use it!  Go to scoutbook.com/mobile/, and login to regular Scoutbook.  After you log in at regular Scoutbook, go to your calendar where you should see a Hide DLE events button.  Alternatively, you can move the calendar events into the past.

Having said that, the Resources section of the Den Leader Experience is kind of nice.  There is a free pdf of the Den Leader Guide.

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When you bring up Scoutbook you should see 2 log in options (if you are a Den Leader).  Choose Den Leader Experience to plan an organize your den meetings.  It will populate the calendar based on the information you give and on the required activities for your den.  You can then move them around and put them in the order you choose.  You can also add in any electives you want to work on, and drag and drop them to the dates you would prefer.  When an activity has been completed it moves into 'history', at which time you can mark attendance and it will automatically give credit to those scouts for what you did that night.  Once you add in electives, if you change your mind about one, you can delete it from the schedule, but you cannot delete a required adventure, just move it to a different date.  There are a whole host of resources for den leaders to use, and in particular, for new den leaders.  If you click on a particular meeting, you can then click on each section of the meeting and get step by step details for that activity.  Material lists, directions, etc.

As for editing the calendar, I use the regular login for that, and when adding something have the option of adding it for just my den, another den (I am pack admin for Scoutbook) or the whole pack.  I can put in advancement at that time as well, but if I do attendance in the den leader experience, it is already done for me.  Communication tools are still a part of the regular Scoutbook login as well, and I still use them.

An experienced, well organized den leader can function normally without using this feature, but for new den leaders, this is really a good resource to take advantage of.  There are some features that need to be added to make it more of a one stop shop, but it is a much needed step in the direction of making life for new and inexperienced den leader better.



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