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Thorton W. Burgess

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Need a Campfire Story?  Bedtime Story for your Lion, Tiger Cub?  
Thorton W. Burgess,,, 170 books, over 15,000 newspaper columns. Ought to be a Scout regular. Book series entitled "The Boy Scouts of Woodcraft Camp".
Paddy Beaver, Reddy Fox, Ole Bob White, Betty, Billy and Cubby Bear, Peter Rabbit (alias Cottontail),  Jerry Muskrat, Lil' Joe Otter,  among others. Surprised he isn't mentioned more often in Scoutland.  Has Nature preserves named for him. 
Get the reprints (if not the original from your grandmom's shelf) and introduce your young Scouts to him.
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I'd never heard of Burgess, so went and did a little Googling. You're right. The guy wrote a lot of stories that would make good source material for a Cubmaster or Den Leader looking to come up with some new campfire stories for young scouts.

I found that, since Burgess did a lot of his writing early in the 20th century, much of his work is now within the public domain. The Project Gutenburg web site has several of his stories online, free for the downloading and reading:


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