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Books by Walter Eaton

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I should like to hope that my book might make some boy beg his father to take him on a camping trip to Maine (without any gun but with a good camera!), and that it might make his father consent to go, where he will find just as much beauty and fun and strenuous, healthy excitement as his boy will, even if he can't climb Katahdin quite so fast, and wisely keeps out of the Chimney altogether. The Katahdin Chimney is no place for a father who isn't in condition. Scouts, keep your dads out of it unless they can chin themselves at least six times!




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57 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

And another Boy Scouts in the White Mountains, The Story of a Long Hike by Walter Prichard Eaton. Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill



Entertaining pulp stories published early taking advantage of the Boy Scout interest in youth.  Eaton one of the better ones, but most of the books in the genre of the period are poor plots and do not use factual Scouting ideas and skills.  That is why BSA did not approve or recommend many of them.  Still, the young adult, youth pulp books payed a part in many youth becoming readers, and many graduated to real literature and fine fiction, as well as nonfiction.  While this is not my original concept, I would agree based on having read some of them, and noted the outlandish and often dangerous plots.  Best part of many were the covers and occasional illustrations.

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