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We were told today by our DE that the $66 bsa national fee can be prorated to $5.50 per month.

And our council program fee of $60 can be prorated to $5 a month. $10 discount if we do online applications, but those are currently turned off as we go thru recharter process.

But the $25 new member fee is not prorated.

A new scout in our area will have to pay $66 + $60+$25 = 151 before buying a uniform or a book.

Our troop waived any troop fees for our recharter with new year starting August 1st.  That's not sustainable but we have only had a few virtual meetings since shut down in mid March.  With AZ numbers of covid so high, we don't know when we will be able to have real meetings again. Nobody wants to pay that much for no real scouting.




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What exactly does the $25 new joiner fee do for the scouts or their families? What’s the purpose of it?  We are meeting and I know this will come up at our leader meeting, we’ve asked our council but they said it’s a fee to join that national has set and all new will have to pay it.  They don’t have a thing else to say - 

Has anyone else gotten information that’s a little more specific?

Im sure the parents In our area can’t be the only ones in the country actively trying to find and pay for childcare because our schools are moving to the part time in school model and the other part of the time is distance learning. Is national aware that this and the increased fees could be a cause for some to not be able to join? 

And yes, we are selling the popcorn but the new kids won’t be up and selling until they’re registered.  

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