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Michigan Crossroads Council covid guidelines following Gov. executive order.

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7/30/2020: Michigan Crossroads Council letter outlining rules to comply with Gov. Whitmer Executive Order 2020-160.



Dear Scouting Families and Leaders,

One of our main priorities is the health and safety of our Scouts, leaders and Scouting families.

Thank you for the tremendous response to the Restarting Scouting plan, and for your personal leadership in helping make Scouting available through various means – whether Scouting in your unit and your family is done through in-person, at-home, and/or virtual activities, you are making a difference and you are appreciated.

Yesterday, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-160 which states that the following restrictions take effect July 31, 2020. Furthermore, the order and restrictions below apply to all in-person Scouting related activities, meetings and events.

Rules on gatherings, events, and large venues. (Page 5)

A social gathering or organized event among persons not part of the same household is permitted, but only to the extent that:

1.The gathering or event is designed to ensure that persons not part of the same household maintain six feet of distance from one another;

2.If it is indoors, the gathering or event does not exceed 10 people; and

3.If it is outdoors, the gathering or event does not exceed 100 people.

The above restrictions do not apply to Regions 6 and 8. (Traverse City area and the UP)

Units participating in in-person Scouting meetings, activities, and events are required to follow the guidelines and restrictions noted above and to follow all Restarting Scouting guidelines issued by the Michigan Crossroads Council for the protection of our Scouting community.

To include but not limited to the following guidelines:

- Youth and adult waivers for all participants

- Part A & B Medical Form (Annual Health and Medical Record)

- Supplemental Medical Permission Form (as defined)

- Unit Activity Checklist

- Practice social distancing protocols

- Use of masks and/or shields

- Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer

- Cleaning and sanitizing general public areas

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