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Lion Cubs - Outings and “requirements”

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This is my first foray into Lions. I registered my daughter with the pack and picked up her Lion guidebook at the Scout Office. 

My question is about the activities and outings. I notice for each adventure there is a short list of “requirements.”  Am I correct in assuming that with language consistency, only the things listed under “requirements” are actually required, and the rest of the activities and outings are mere suggestions?

Good suggestions, by the way. But some might be pretty challenging to adapt to a post-COVID world. I’ve been asked if I’m willing to serve as Lion den leader this year, so if we can figure out what to do about my current position as CC (I can do both personally but I’m not sure that is allowed) then I’m going to do my best to follow as much of the activity guide as I can but for some things I might just swap out something else entirely in order to make it easier for the Cubs to do things on their own and then meet virtually to tell each other what they did. If the only things I can’t compromise on are the “requirements” then this becomes much easier. 

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