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Resumption of Camping in Covid Environment

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Afternoon Scouters.  Our Troop of 35 Scouts is now looking at returning to actual camping, after our March/April/May regular camping trips and July Scout summer camp and high adventure trips were cancelled.  Our council has issued recommendations that the maximum number of participants on a camping trip be limited ten persons, including adult leaders.  We are also contemplating that Scouts will tent alone, or, in the event of campsite size limitations or # of available tents, with a parent who is on the trip.  Driving to and from the location is also proving to be an issue, as social distancing cannot be maintained in a vehicle.  We are further looking at the use of masks when distancing outside may not be feasible, such as during a campfire at the end of an evening.  

While I recognize that there may be no right answer, and each state's and council's rules may vary, I am curious how other troops are approaching a return to camping.  I believe the Troop managed has managed quite well the last few months, with virtual meetings, remote learning, zoom BORS and a socially distanced combined Court of Honor and Eagle Court of Honor.  However, the core of this program is getting Scouts outside camping and utilizing the patrol method.  I genuinely worry about keeping Scouts interested in the program if we cannot get them back to camping.  

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My Troop is having their first campout this week.  They are doing 3 days, mid-week at a county park (only one other camper in the park).  They are doing 1 per tent and are not doing patrol cooking - meals are being prepared and served by the adults [ick].  "Family night" is parents bringing food for them and their Scout only.  Everything is on paper/plastic, no dish washing [again, ick].  I dont know what they were told about masks.  When I was there today they were all outdoors and not wearing masks but also not paying much attention to distancing.


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