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Rewards exceeded investment for retiring SM

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Good story



In looking back, some memories remind Kenyon why he stuck with the scouting program so long. He shared one of those stories.

One summer during camp, a teen had trouble climbing the tower. Kenyon encouraged him when he wanted to quit halfway up. Years later, the young man sent Kenyon a letter from boot camp in which he said, "When you gave me that confidence in myself to go up that tower, that allowed me to get through this training."

"That is the paycheck you can't cash but is absolutely priceless," Kenyon said.

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I had a scout who was in ranger training tell me he was able to catch a few "Z's" during his first aid classes because of what we taught him in his Scouting career.  He aced the test!

I retired after 44 years as Scoutmaster.




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