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From the local trenches; the reason Scouting is important and works.

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In a little more than 4 years or so, Troop 111 has quietly done what most of us only talk about too much, but for whatever reason fall short much of the time.  THIS is what National should be doing, but just as 111 is doing, just that, doing it and quietly putting it out there for the community to see, and maybe take away some of the media's tarnishing.  This unit grew out of a pack.  The two primary leaders took their cubs and began the slow evolution, through Webeloes that were already doing some of what the troop now does, and moved the younger boys into a new troop, focused on this program.  This video is an accurate depiction.  By that, I mean that the youth are the most important element, and Craig and the other leaders prefer the background and they mentor.  Craig is an Eagle, and I had the privilege of seeing him grow up and I believe council him for a merit badge or two.  More importantly, his father was a mentor for me as I began my journey in VCC.  Craig represents what I fondly remember about his dad, and I only hope that he and their unit continue to carry the true image to the world.  

                                                     Pioneer Hike


 Reflecting on the scouting way,

while set alone within the wood;

I saw the boy that once was me

who sought to grow, be understood.


But now it’s someone else's son

whose youthful zeal rings through the trees,

who looks to Me to understand,

to see the way He sees.


Thus, the cycle has come around,

the scouting boy became a man;

and what he learned within his youth,

he returns, the best he can.


  Camp Chawanakee, B.S.A.

Shaver Lake, Calif.




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Unit 111 operates very differently than my troop.  The adults were teaching/doing everything.  The adults were grilling, making ice cream, setting up the table, etc..  We have the kids do that stuff.  Likewise, the adults were giving instructions that we would have had the senior patrol leader doing.

Those of you who interact with me on the forum know that I am hardly a zealot on the boy-led argument, but the video shows the adult leaders being far more involved at the patrol campsites than I would have been comfortable with.  

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