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Online replacement for NLYT?

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Our local council only runs one NLYT a year, and canceled this year to COVID-19 concerns. We send out SPL and ASPL every year (assuming they haven't already gone).  This year our newly elected SPL and appointed ASPL will not have that option.  I am really holding out that our Council can pull a late fall or early winter one, but I doubt it will happen.  If our local councils offer one in a nearby state, I might be able to send them.


But until that is figured out, is there any online training videos, or virtual meetings that might help them to perform better?  I have personally witness the growth and leadership our scouts have earned coming out of NYLT.  I know they only get out what they put in, and they were good scouts to begin with, but it truly stepped up their game.



thanks for any help or thoughts

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NYLT's true value is less in any of the particular leadership skills taught, and more in the Scouts having a chance to live in a model troop, and practice practical leadership among themselves in a setting where the Scouts don't carry the social weight from their old troops. All the social hierarchies from their home troop is temporarily erased. The leadership skills taught at NYLT are the icing on top so to speak. 

National has directed that there will be no online NYLT. So keep an eye out for a fall course. My council is tentatively planning one, but no news yet. 

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10 hours ago, Eagle94-A1 said:

Only if your troop does it itself.

Before NYLT was JLTC (Junior Leadership Training Conference). Our troop started doing our own version for the PLC and the council liked it so much that they asked us to do trial versions at the counsel level. We used the Patrol Leaders Handbook and SPL Handbook for skills guides.

You can do one yourself, just identify what skills you want the scouts to learn, then find fun ways to teach them. Do the course over a weekend of camping, backpacking, canoeing, or biking. Or all four. It should be something different from a typical camp out and some special.   Movies and pizza would not be out of order.

The key is don’t waist time teaching what a senior scouts already know, teach what they need to lead others so that they grow in their leadership experience themselves. 


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