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Units running their own covid summer campouts

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There have been many good posts ( @Jameson76 comes quickly to mind, there were others) in various topics about units doing their own summer camps. Thought I would gather ideas and experiences of unit camping on their own this summer.  Please use other topics to discuss Council camps and family camping. Thanks.

On 5/11/2020 at 7:46 AM, Jameson76 said:

We are doing (or planning) or own summer camp for later in July.  Not sure of all the details and not 100% sure of the protocols, but we are stepping off the porch and working the plan.  Thinking we will have +/- 20 - 25 Scouts, plus leaders

Some of our initial thoughts

  • No group transportation, parents drop off and pickup
  • Every Scout brings their own tent
  • You can hammock but no stacking hammocks
  • Still figuring out meals, cook some, disposable items, bring in other meals (Pizza night)
  • Instruction will be in smaller groups

We are tapping into former leaders, troop alumni, and Eagle Scouts to help as possible with MB classes and skill instruction.  Lots to do but our feedback from families showed overwhelming support for a Troop Camp this summer.

Will be somewhat old school


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Gladewater, TX

“My first thought was, we’ve got to figure out a way to get these guys camping,” said Scott O’Mary, the Scout Master for Troop 259.

“You need to think about what’s the best thing you can do for the boys in your troop,” said Michael Marciniak, a senior patrol leader for the troop. “What will give them the best experience but not put them at risk of getting COVID. Look at their options, figure out what’s affordable, what’s least threatening, and what’s the best experience and figure out what’s best to do for their boys.”

“Even before we got to camp we structured the camp quite differently,” said O’Mary. “We’ve made sure we limit the number of participants here, so we have maybe a dozen to 14 scouts here, for this session. Come Wednesday, those scouts leave and our advance ranked scouts come onto the property. So, we’re keeping the attendance low.”

More including video at source



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My troop is doing their own camp. We got less than an month to prepare, so we are working on 2 options:  1. modern, MB oriented summer camp with limited choices of MB, or 2. hybrid activity based/ merit badge summer camp. Option 2 has them working on 2 MBs Environmental Science and Canoeing. Environmental Science was one of the most requested MB and Canoeing gets them wet since we have no swim area.

We are giving them 2 options because there is a push by a few parents to make it MB focused. One in particular is trying to push it so that his son can get the remaining MBs. But what is frustrating is that all the MBs he needs, he either has partials in, or started working on, and he has a counselor for those when is working with. We also have a few Scouts wanting a MB oriented summer. The rationale is that it is easier to earn MBs in one week of camp than throughout the year. (An aside, I think part of that is some summer camps are cutting corners. I have known Scouts "earn MBs" that they did not actually complete.)

Activities at this moment include the following: First Aid (Helicopter Crash) Pioneering (Catapults or bridges, depending upon how much rope we can get) Orienteering (Patrol vs patrol), and Wilderness Survival (overnight experience). The activities will allow the Scouts meet T-2-1 requirements, and/or MB requirements. Plus they can be fun. memorable experiences.

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Well i just had a visit from one of my son's friends. The his troop is also doing their own extended summer camp since they were going out of state for camp. They are doing a 5 day summer camp of 8 MB sessions and then a 50 mile canoe trip.

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As an update we have picked the date (basically 2nd full week of July).  Camp will be at a State Park about 45 minutes away.  We have about 25 Scouts signed up right now.  There are T-shirts being made (Pandemic Summer!!) and other fun things being procured.  

The main program activities will be New Scout Programs, Merit Badge sessions (Based on what the Scout are interested in), Lake activities, Mountain Biking, etc.  We have parents working on meals, some will be brought in, some will be non-cook.  Cooking class will handle some.  We will have opening and closing campfires, movie night, cobbler luau night, etc.  Also the Scouts can ride bikes to activities.  

Working with current and former leaders, also recently aged out Eagles to provide support for instruction and activities.  Some are coming out for the day, some for a few nights.  

Our feedback to the parents is...if it seems like we are making this up as we go along, we are.  Basically we do 10 -12 two and three days outings annually.  This will be a 5 night 6 day outing.  Just like what we normally do, only a bit longer.

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Found this news story...Boy Scouts Straight Outta Quarantine (OH)... No masks or social distancing evident from photos, huh? :confused:

Summer Camp, held this year at the Paulding County Fairgrounds from June 14-20. It turned out to be an ideal weather week, and the Scouts participated in numerous events both at the Fairgrounds and in the area. With outstanding support of the scout parents, the Troop was able to offer numerous merit badge opportunities and a fun-filled week of activities.  Several former scouts of the troop also helped in teaching these merit badges and supporting the activities, many thanks to all.

Activities throughout the week included, swimming at Blue Water Campground, shooting sports at the Antwerp Conservation Club, Sunday evening church service provided by Pastor Ricky Grimes, community service work at LaFountain Park in Paulding, an overnight outbound campout in the woods, and a fun-filled Family Night on Friday that included a pizza buffet and a spirited game of kickball where the youth played against the parents.


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3 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

Found this news story...Boy Scouts Straight Outta Quarantine (OH)... No masks or social distancing evident from photos, huh? :confused:


Oh noble SDW! You wander far from the battle. These are pictures of a couple of dozen scouts outdoors where exposure is minimal.

It is extremely unlikely that any disease was transmitted through any behavior in this single-troop camp. These pictures are from a month ago. Leading up to camp from Jun 1st-14th, zero cases had been reported in Paulding Co (https://www.facebook.com/PauldingCountyHealthDept/). The bulk of new cases arose June 15-26 during and after the time these boys were in camp. If these cases were from community spread, it is just as likely that these boys camping at a fairground instead of roaming the streets in the evening curbed infection.

We need to remind ourselves that ours is a big country and what needs to be done one way on the coast would make no sense in the heartland. Would a troop in NY,PA, or MA be able to do the same? I doubt it. Precious few of our counties have had zero cases for even a week at a time -- let alone two. Furthermore, since we encourage scouts to troop-shop rather than participate in the one closest to their home, scouts from multiple zones gather together -- a circumstance that favors transmission.

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Found this news story: Beaver Dam (WI) scouts camp in hometown during pandemic

Traditionally each July, Scout Troop 724 heads to a Bay-Lakes Council camp in Wisconsin for a week-long camp out. Scoutmaster Mike Kraintz said plans changed this summer due to the pandemic.

“Our committee made the decision not to attend a council camp which could include up to 300-400 scouts,” he said. “We thought that it was prudent that we didn’t expose ourselves to greater risk so we decided to do a quarantine camp.”

Two former Boy Scout leaders, Chuck Frinak and his neighbor Mike Emmet, offered their backyards to the troop to use. Frinak has a grandson in the troop.

The week’s adventures are being dubbed as the Scoutmaster’s Viral Camp Out. The first class on Monday was COVID-19 prevention training and was held at nearby Waterworks Park. Social distancing is being practiced and masks are being worn even though the days have been very hot and humid.

He said the generosity of the neighborhood the troop is camping in continued to provide Thursday night as severe weather approached. The Girl Scout House opened its doors so the troop could take shelter. 

More and photos at source link:


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Found this news story: Green County Boy Scouts camp hold summer camp (VA)

Beginning on Sunday, July 12, after nearly four months without the ability to practice their skills as a troop, the camp provided scouts with opportunities to learn and teach scout safety and rank skills, to hike at Preddy Creek Trail Park, to kayak at Greene Mountain Lake, and even for some light-hearted competition in the form of a Highland Games, which included events such as axe throwing and a caber toss. Finally, on Saturday, July 18, the troop held a campfire and Court of Honor to recognize all of the scouts’ efforts.

Scouts like Josef Sjordal loved “just being active in the outdoors” and Andrew Schlict liked “not being stuck in the house.”

According to Jeffrey Wallace, the Senior Patrol Leader, the camp was necessary because “it is important to get the scouts, particularly the new scouts, back into a scouting mindset as we move into the fall.”

More details at source:


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