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Your advice to the BSA National Executive Board?

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1 hour ago, elitts said:

Honestly, if there was one position that I would think should be paid very well (relative to the market) it should be the administrative person who handles everything related to paperwork and applications. 

I agree!  There are two hardworking, thoroughly efficient, long-tenured ladies that are the go-to people on the administrative side of our council office.  They get things done right the first time, on time, and know BSA policy to the letter.  I don't know their salaries or hourly wage, but we can be sure it isn't much.  To me, their labors are worth more to scouting than what any commissioned pro brings (above the DE level).

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Just one, huh? This is kind of like eating potato chips. Proposal #1: refocus every member (employees and volunteers) of the BSA to the core principles of scouting - having fun in the outdoors as

The dues increase last fall--and its ham-fisted implementation--was an eye-opener for many unit level scouters and parents.  It boils down to "What value am I getting for my dollar?"  I think the comm

I agree!  There are two hardworking, thoroughly efficient, long-tenured ladies that are the go-to people on the administrative side of our council office.  They get things done right the first time, o

On 5/14/2020 at 1:27 PM, Cburkhardt said:

What is your most-important recommendation to members of national BSA committees, who will gather next week to consider changes in response to the bankruptcy and COVID-19 virus?  Make a one-sentence proposal, and support it with a 5-6 sentence paragraph.  Please keep it to a single subject. 


Recommendation:   Split off the Puerto Rico Council into its own scout association.  


Puerto Rico already has its own Olympic team.  Having its own scout association would not be unprecedented.

BSA is going under.  There is no reason to drag Puerto Rico down with the rest of BSA.

The native name for Puerto Rico is Boriken.  The new association could be named the Boriken Scout Association, allowing them to retain the BSA acronym.  

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On 5/15/2020 at 12:59 PM, desertrat77 said:

Scouting started with a handbook and thousands of youth that wanted to explore the outdoors.  They wore old clothes, slept in blankets, and cooked over a fire.  Scouting has strayed light years away from that original vision and enthusiasm.  Our humble origins are ultimately what scouting is really all about.

Thank you.  I am reminded of the wise Linus explaining to Charlie Brown and the world what Christmas is really all about.  Lights, please.

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A. Restrict membership to those who agree to abide by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, regardless of what part of society it discriminates against and I do not apologize for this statement.

B.  Get the focus off of teaching life lessons and let the lessons be learned through the Scouting program and not try to use Scouting to teach lessons.

C.  Restrict the BOY SCOUTS to boys.  If girls don't like the Girl Scouts then change the Girl Scouts, and quit trying to drive a square peg into a round peg.  I know what went on at the World Jamboree, condoms and the morning after pill given to anybody who wants one and try to make that line up with YPT, how hypocritical. 

D. Let Woodbadge be Woodbadge and stop catering to those who think that the program was too tough.

E.  Take a hard, close look at the way Scouting was conducted years ago (1950s-1970s) and bring back that standard of excellence. 

F. Every person on the national committee, executive board, club, or ego boosting click should watch Follow Me Boys to learn about troop administration.

G. Focus on the Boy Scouts and guitar trying to rebuild by overrecruting Cub Scout age children who lose interest and quit after three months.

H. Let the boys get away from their families and enjoy their place in the club without worrying about families hanging around every time the Scouts take a trip.

If this hurts somebody's feelings, offends someone, or appears prejudicial or sexist doesnt bother me one bit.  Let the Boy Scouts be for the boys, and be a place where they can hang out with their friends, have a good time, and can simply just by boys.

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16 hours ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

You wished for fee increases?  You dirty rat!

Negative, Ghostrider.

What I wanted was IF increases occurred, they would give us enough advance warning so that folks could come up with a plan to get the money. Advance notice to help units and members budget is a lot better than A) Waiting until the beginning of Round Up season to announce fee increases or B) Waiting until days before the recharter process goes online.

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