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First Aid requirements - show

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I'm fairly new to all this and unsure about requirement fulfillment for first aid. The first aid rank requirements use the word 'show'. So, like, show first aid for nosebleed, pretty straight forward, each Scout  can do that. 

For another example, Scouting.org says this of venomous snakebite: Immobilize the injured part of the body. Gently wash the bite with soap and water. Seek medical care immediately! Carry the victim out, if possible, because their reduced activity may slow the spread of the venom.

Okay so do you have the Scouts wash an ankle or something then practice carrying another guy?

For object in eye, do the Scouts actually flush another guys eye with water? Or do they, you know, just say what they would do and pretend to pour water over an eye? 

I want to get this right and uphold the expected standards.

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I taught a First Aid class once at a summer camp, and I’m  involved in the medical field. “Show” can also be interpreted by demonstrating without doing.

Pretend it is a scenario at a First Aid rally, if your district has those. Anyone can be a victim, a parent, sibling, etc. For a snake bite on the leg,  you wouldn’t actually wash the bite, you would grab the supplies needed then say and do something like:

Rescuer tells the victim sit-up and prepares for the treatment. They physically set up their water bottle,  some kind of cloth, and soap.

Rescuer verbally or physically applies their PPE (gloves, imaginary if needed) then starts their treatment. This is where they can demonstrate with out actually doing it.

Rescuer: “I’m going to take the water bottle and get the cloth wet then soapy.”

(They do so without actually doing it, but instead demonstrates)

Rescuer: “Now, I’m going to tell the victim what I am doing and start to wash the bite.”

(Demonstrates cleaning the bite)

Then so and so on. 

I hope I explained this well, I can’t think of any other way by typing. They basically demonstrate everything without actually using the soap and water.

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