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This day in history May 4, 1970

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In remembrance:  Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder (Eagle Scout) who died May 4, 1970 in Kent, Ohio.  William Schroeder was a Scout from Lorain, Ohio: https://www.kent.edu/alumni/news/kent-state%E2%80%99s-may-4-visitors-center-celebrates-life-%E2%80%9Cbill-all-american-boy%E2%80%9D-exhibition

Others inured that day:  Alan Canfora, John Cleary, Thomas Grace, Dean Kahler, Joseph Lewis, Donald Mackenzie, James Russell, Robby Stamps and Douglas Wrentmore. 

And remembering Scouter Bernie Miller who lost a son that day: http://thescoutpatchauction.com/blogsite/2003/12/19/bernie-miller-dies-at-age-84/

In the early 70’s Boy Scout membership was at it’s peak and there are probably more Scout connections to that day such as news reports citing that Scout first aid training was useful that day.


I’ve never boon to Ohio, but the early 70’s were formulative years for many baby boomers.   In a box somewhere I still have my peace symbol neckerchief slide …
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History that needs to be remembered. 

 Here in Pandemic land,  Ken Burns is a source of much enlightenment.   His documentaries on the Civil War, Baseball, and specifically the Viet Nam War are well worth the effort.  


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