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Roger Mosby speaks to Scouts, Scouters - April 27,2020

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10 hours ago, desertrat77 said:

@InquisitiveScouter, a stray thought about the helicopter parents you mentioned...one of my favorite discussions at a committee meeting involved a parent insisting that troop slumber parties had the same benefit as camping outdoors.  This parent would not accept any opinion to the contrary.  I agree, the parents often more challenging to deal with, and I'll throw in certain non-outdoor minded scouters as well.  As we know, the scouts are looking for a challenge.  Unfortunately, these challenges are often watered down to the point of meaninglessness by certain parents and scouters.

This is also why we don't go to our local Summer Camp.  Our unit has a history of parents who would come and take kids out of camp for storms, soccer practice, karate, or their fourth cousin's (twice-removed) birthday.

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I understand the cost savings from ending the printing, however there are many volunteers in our council that do not have good or perhaps any access to on-line services.  They will be left out.

Then there has been the decline in the quality of the publication over the years.  Not to justify the cost when the material is not there.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the demise of any printed material in many areas.  It is always touted that with the change you will see a better quality, more timely content, etc.  It's been my experience, with several publications, that they are usually not nearly as good on-line as they were in print.  This has included magazines, newspapers, etc.  The on-line versions lack a lot of the content that the printed version provided.  It seemed that it was just thrown together with cut and paste.  Quickly lost interest in even accessing it.

Can hope for an improvement!?

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