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New unit - helping pay for camp

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We are a new unit with little money in a not wealthy area. We had hoped the scouts could raise most of the money needed for summer camp through fundraising. Well due to quarantine we have lost our 3 big fundraising opportunities (event concession stand, candy sale, car wash). Our council still plans on opening camp in July if allowed to by the state.

How can we help these scouts get funding? I know we are not supposed to solicit funds. 

Can we do something like hold a virtual car wash where we pre-sell car wash vouchers?

We are at a loss really. Our kids want to go, but some just can't afford it. And we don't want to seem crass by trying to fundraise during tough times either. Keep it within our CO? Appeal to the mayor for money?

Thanks for your insight.

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There is much we simply can't control. I hear a lot of stress in your words. Planning is nearly impossible because of this "event". I think everyone who usually attends summer camp is thinking along these lines.

But things you can control even as a new unit:

1) Scratch summer camp. Too much depends on variables you can't control.

2) Planning takes the stress off of your adult leaders as well as the scouts.

3) So, based on the appropriate authorities allowing things to happen.

4) Plan a series of summer weekend camping trips that will cover (as much as possible), what would have been covered at summer camp.

5) You control when and where.

6) Include a few merit badges to be earned over the series of camping trips if desired.

7) The benefits are; you control costs (simpler fundraising), varied required adult leadership (different adults per weekend if needed), locations (possibly with water for aquatic programs), required equipment.

Under these circumstances, I truly believe in that old adage: Keep It Simple, Make It Fun.

Have fun with your new scouts, and throw away the stress. Start simple, and work your way up from there. There's always next year and the year after that, etc..

See you on the trail......


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Our council has camperships to assist scouts with summer camp.  We've never used one so I'm not familiar with the details but our council is very vocal about trying to support scout families that could not afford camp.  Maybe your council has something similar?  

I like sst3rd's suggestions.  I think every scout should try summer camp but I don't see any harm is delaying it.  Do what you can, have fun with what you have this year and save camp for the future. 

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This is uncharted territory for everyone.

I would have no problem supporting scouts trying to fundraise if they found a clever way to do it safely. Such innovation among youth gives me hope for the future.

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I'm with sst3rd on this.   If you have the gung-ho Scouts you sound like you have, and the parent support,  you can brainstorm a local neighborhood summer camp.  Check with your District leaders for Merit Badge Counselors, and  Scout Leader Trainers.  Put an event/campsite in each of several backyards. Hike between them.  Cook meals on the backyard grill. Visit local historic sites.  Totin' Chip? Ask for your District's IOLS folks.   Knots/Pioneering? Sea Scouts in your Council?  Map and Compass? Ya know any surveyors?  No requirement that any of it must be done at an "official" camp.   Swimming?  Boats?  Might need a connection and arrangements with a local pool or lake front.  Archery?  Shotgun/rifles?  Check with your local Isaac Walton League. Around Baltimore, there are many Scout Friendly archery clubs.  Poke around, you can find the solution to your desire. 

Way back when, I passed several FC requirements in backyards, not at camp.  It can be fun, will build lasting friendships and memories.  It does take alot of "what if" planning, and trust and commitment from the Troop Scouters, but it can be done.   

Scouting started out with NO professional leadership, remember that.   It was and should be as ""LOCAL"" as possible.  

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God Bless my friend.  Someone I Know has contacted local government officials and requested financial assistance for just such activities.  These include judges, the Sheriff, Tax Commissioner, Lawyers, juvenile court officials, physicians and anyone else who has a vested interest in the community.  Someone I Know has always been successful and has always achieved Someone I Know's objective. In fact, some of these folks have special accounts and funds for these types of things.

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