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2020 National BSA Meeting?

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Raising dues last year was a deal breaker for many.  Folks in the field didn't like it and said so.  Too many financially struggling families. 

National's response:  "Sell more popcorn."

Those three words from a "commissioned BSA professional" will go down in scouting history, akin to the equally infamous  "Let them eat cake."

If the BSA was a sinking ship, the pros in Irving would be figuring out ways to charge people for PFDs and seats in lifeboats, how to bring more seawater aboard, and as the final waters swept across the deck, they'd present each other medals for a job well done.


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We lost scouts in my area because of the EXTREMELY (emphasis) last minute price changes. We were told by our SE it could be $100/person last year. I would not have been able to afford it, and was thankful it was only $60. But this year ANY increase will hurt. I'm lucky, I am considered essential and still working. But we have folks who have been furloughed, lost their jobs, or cannot open their businesses back up. My wife works part-time has been partially furloughed, she is working 1 day a pay period. But the way things are going, she may lose her job.

I honestly do not know what I will do if the fees increase yet again. I do know I am glad my oldest has his Eagle Board of Review next week. As much as he wants to stay involved after Eagle, I do not know if we could afford it.

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