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Are your Resident Camps/Summer Camps opening?

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1 hour ago, MikeS72 said:

We have several scouts attending Camp Rainey Mountain in Georgia next month.  One of the covid related precautions they are taking is that every scout and scouter must bring proof of a negative covid-19 test, dated within 7 days of arrival at camp.  No negative test, no admission to camp.


20 minutes ago, Chisos said:

I think the test-within-a-week is a State of Georgia thing.  We were planning to attend Woodruff, and if it hadn't been called off, that would have been a requirement.


5 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

Maine requires that out-of-staters (VT and NH are exempt which is baffling) either have a negative covid test within 72 hours prior to arrival* OR self-quarantine 14-day.  I think nearly all resident summer camps remain closed. The type of "test" or vendor has not specified.

* Since testing is often not readily available in their own states, visitors can go to a test site in Maine upon arrival and await the results while in quarantine. 

As someone who spends a lot of time brokering in sensitivity and specificity, and having chatted with a neighbor who was likely a false negative .... the whole "scarlet lettering" with antibody tests is unnerving. Given the current known accuracy of such tests, this all but guarantees that each camp will have at least one positive scout.

Plus, what to do with a positive? He's going to remain so for who-knows-how-long after their body has killed that virus dead. And then we rack up the false positives who everyone thinks are no longer contagious and they wind up breathing the air of the false negative ....

Controlled quarantine would be the most reliable. With your patrol 300' away from other patrols for a week. Then, if clear, with your troop. Then, march over to summer camp. Three weeks of increasing confidence in "no cases here" is the way to meet everyone's absurdly high expectations.

Now that I think of it ... this may be why one of my Aunt's Campfire Girl camps lasted for "weeks on end". The first week was going to be rough not knowing who was bringing in what, but the subsequent weeks would be with an isolated population.


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Maybe the lack of mBs and no dining halls will allow scouts to have a real summer camp as described by BP instead of simply "living under canvas".

Our camps have been canceled for all the the lower penninsula of Michigan for the summer and no in person meetings/activities until further notice. On a different but related note, 2 dams in mid

14 minutes ago, qwazse said:

As someone who spends a lot of time brokering in sensitivity and specificity, and having chatted with a neighbor who was likely a false negative .... the whole "scarlet lettering" with antibody tests is unnerving. Given the current known accuracy of such tests, this all but guarantees that each camp will have at least one positive scout.


I'd hope/expect the "test before you get here" is referring to a PCR / viral load test, not an antibody test.  (In theory) anyone who's had it and cleared it would have antibodies for a while, maybe permanently.


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Samoset Council (WI) will offer resident summer camp starting July 5.


There will be safety protocols in place for campers, such as daily temperature and symptom screening. Hand washing will take place before and after activities.

The organization will also be limiting group sizes to 50 and under for most camps.


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William H. Pouch Boy Scout Camp (Staten Island, NY) will become a drive-in movie theater on Saturdays this summer.

The price of admission will be $40 per car, and the cost will cover four snacks and four beverages, according to a media release from Oddo’s office. Tickets must be pre-purchased online through the camp’s website.

July 4 movie  - Jaws (watch a Scout troop take a swim test)


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Muskingum Valley Scout Reservation (Conesville,OH)  open - four weeks of scout camps and a cub scout resident camp running until Aug. 1. Pool is open

Campers can earn a Social Distancing Championship Team patch for meeting qualifications like washing their hands, wearing face coverings and practicing other social distancing and health precautions. The patch features Bigfoot wearing a mask. Masks have also been put on animal heads, like deer and bears, in the dining hall and elsewhere.

All campers were screened when they arrived and every morning for any health issues. 

Scouts are now sleeping one per tent, which has required troops to bring their own tents. Typically, tents are provided by the camp, but they didn’t have enough. Camp tents are being used to supplement. 

More details and photos at source:


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So our Council Camps as many, did not open.  We attend 2 camps each summer, the out of council did not open.  Also our Philmont crew was cancelled.

As I have noted, we took the go it alone, run your own camp route.  We are currently in camp (6 days and 5 nights) taking over the Pioneer area of a State Park maybe 45 minutes from us.  We have 24 Scouts, maybe 10 leaders.  We are offering some aquatics, mt biking, full slate of merit badges (21 different ones and small classes), new scout program.  In addition to the leaders we have some Eagle Scouts that have turned 18 assisting.  Also some of our alumni that worked at the local Council Camp have joined us for a few days.

Each Scout was dropped off by parents.  They will be picked up same, no carpooling.  Each Scout has their own tent.  Meals are being delivered by parents on a schedule that would make the Normandy Invasion planning group proud.  Nightly activities, full flag ceremonies each day.  It is basically a very small summer camp.

The State Park has been very helpful and all the parents have been most supportive.  It is a ton of work, but this will be the best Troop Run Summer Camp we have ever been to. (the Scouts made that statement when they realized it's the only one we've had).

Special camp t-shirts, water bottle sticker, bottles of hand sanitizer spray, gloves for meal serving, 20 cases of bottled water so far (no communal drink coolers) and many other unique things.

Scouting at it's most basic.



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Writing from Camp Conestoga in Westmorland Council, PA in the company of pandemic refugees from states north and south, all the while exposing those viruses to UV rays and soap.

TBH, I’m not one to walk around with a fathom stick social distance warrioring. But, I think they are sufficiently cautious. They boys have masks at the ready when needed. No complaints.

My only assistant is a crossover’s dad who was a scout, an all-around great guy, and a tremendous help.

Lots of paychecks: last night a couple of 1st years stayed at camp to do space-ex “campsite paperwork”, and got way into the weeds with me about all things interplanetary. Today, fillets of caught fish are frying.
GTG. I just saw our lunch crew on the way to pick up from the dining hall.

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Camp Alaflo (AL)

..."Our biggest thing this year is really getting people out to get out of the house a little bit because they've been cooped up for such a long time and we just want them to enjoy the scouting experience," said Camp Alaflo Camp Director Joe Maxwell.

In addition to masks and temperature checks, the staff is sanitizing high touch areas like the shotgun range. The camp has even changed the dining experience.

"We are delivering food in the morning where we usually eat in the trading post and then in the evening we are eating in shifts which really helps out and is able to spread people out and not be so close together," Maxwell added.

Despite new rules and regulations, the scouts are not seeing a change in the amount of fun they are having.

More in video at source:


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