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Virtual Elections?

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23 hours ago, Dixit said:

Anyone heard from any lodges about changing unit elections to allow virtual elections if units won't be meeting in person anytime soon?

Why not?  I am not versed in the minutiae of elections but this may fall under the broad auspice of contracts that assumes "That which is not specifically EXCLUDED is assumed to be INCLUDED".  Meaning that unless they specifically note that you cannot, then you can.

The verbiage is - 

Before the election, the OA team must secure from the unit leader verification that at least 50 percent of the registered active unit membership is present. If at least 50 percent is not present, an election cannot be held.

It only states PRESENT - this does not state PHYSICALLY present at a physical location.  I see no reason that a unit could not hold a ZOOM type meeting, count those in attendance, have the Scouts e-mail or text their votes.  Drive on

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