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Medical Forms - I wonder

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So...assuming we (universal WE) do go to summer camps / day camps / Philmont / Seabase / Northern Tier I wonder about health forms and ability to actually get updated ones

Many of our Scouts and Leaders get theirs updated in the Spring.  Obviously that is not happening now, and if the COVID19 abates and we return to a more normal state, what are the odds of getting in for routine annual physicals?  More of a question on next steps and looking for opinions.

My input would be BSA just says for 2020 the forms are good for 2 years and give a date in 2021 that they move back to 1 year.

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

Remember when the youth forms used to be good for 3 years??


I remember when forms were 1 page and a scout responsibility. We brought our medical form to camp and stood in line at nurse's cabin. If you forgot, no problem, you hiked up to ranger station and phoned your parents who either brought your form or took you home. At the end of the week,  the camp nurse returned forms to scoutmaster who returned to scouts for reuse next summer.

Rewind anyone?

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