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1 hour ago, John-in-KC said:

If you do not realize this, your cookies and your google or Facebook content  are what Drive the ads served out to you. 

If you're not buying the content, then someone is buying you.

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15 hours ago, TAHAWK said:

I looked for the menu at our local Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago (pre close-down), and now I get ads for vacations in Mexico 2-3 times a day.  Poor software.  

We honeymooned in Cancun and toured the Yucatan. Amazing, just amazing. Of course, being 5* all the way probably helped. Only 23 years ago so I'm sure my experience is entirely relevant. 

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No way!  I just got "Milf Man Love to Fart Funny Novelty sweatshirt". 🤣  What have you all done??!!

Edit: also shoes, web builders, and mountain biking water bottles, so I feel a little better now.

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