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I thought you might be interested to see my message to our Ship.  Our Ship name is Response.  Sea Scout Ships have names in addition to numbers


We are Sea Scout Ship Response, we will respond and adapt.  

This is a crazy time in our lives that we will overcome.  We won't panic but we are prepared to adjust.  Based on recommendations from the church, local government, and scouting we are making adjustments as necessary.  We will continue to provide the scout in the best way possible and not throw in the towel.
Here is a list of current adjustments
  • We will convert in person meetings in the short term to be conducted over Zoom video conferencing.
  • Spring-O is rescheduled 
  • We are evaluating what to do about the April sailing date.
  • We will evaluate the topics of the meetings so they can be virtual.
  • Scouts will be given opportunities and topics to do at home.  
    • For example
      • Boater education course
      • Sailing education videos
  • I will make myself available as will other mates to meet with scouts view video conference for advancement review.
This time will not define us, we shall overcome and Respond!
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Sea Scout Ship 911
P.S.  A Scout is Brave But Not Foolhardy

What's the 10th point of the Scout Law? A Scout is brave. It means that a Scout is courageous enough to do what needs to be done when someone is in danger or when other guys laugh at him because he won't do something he knows is wrong.

Everybody admires a brave person, even the guy who might laugh at him for not going along with a rip-off. But you know, there's sometimes a fine line between being brave and being foolhardy or stupid by taking chances that aren't necessary.

Think of the danger when we're in the water. Danger you say, what danger? I'm a champion swimmer.

Maybe so, but the water is dangerous all the same. All it would take is a bad cramp or a blow on the head when you're roughhousing in the water, and you could be an Olympic gold-winner for all the good it would do you. The cemeteries are full of strong swimmers who swam alone into deep water. That's why we have the Safe Swim Defense plan and particularly the buddy system when we are in the water. And we will insist on using the buddy system every time - no matter whether you can't swim a stroke or are the best swimmer in town. "Yes, it's great to be brave - and I hope you all are - but around water, we'll be cautious, too."

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