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Eagle Scout Rank Application Question

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8 hours ago, NealOnWheels said:

When you say "letter of reflection" do you mean "statement of your ambitions and life purpose"?

If so then yes it is required before the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair sign.  It is part of Requirement #6.  By signing the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair are certifying that requirements 1 - 6 are complete.

Requirement 6 is 


While a Life Scout, participate in a Scoutmaster conference.

It does not say: "after preparing a statement ... participate in an SMC."

It's kind of a wierd requirement. It's intended for the BoR, I have no idea what a unit leader has to do with it. If it's there when the SM and CC sign, that's gravy. If not, we just tell the scout to write it up by the time of the BoR. most of ours bring a draft to review the following week. They are somewhat surprised when we don't ask them to change anything.

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