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Events being cancelled? Or modified?

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10 hours ago, RememberSchiff said:

2020 West Point Scoutmaster's Council Camporee cancelled. :(

Facebook link:

Dear Friends and Family of Scouting,

It is with great sadness to inform all of you that the 2020 Scoutmaster’s Council Camporee has been cancelled due to health concerns of COVID-19. Our staff had been working hard to make this the best Camporee yet and we were excited for all of you to be able to experience it. We will be sending out further guidance on the refund process and other matters in the coming weeks via email. For those who were accepted this year, we would also like to extend an invitation to attend the 2021 Camporee since we know many of you were looking forward to this event. Please bear with us as we navigate through these issues during this uncertain time. We hope that you all are staying safe and healthy and we will get through this together. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you next year!
- The SMC Command Team


Shame.. we've been going for the past few years . I always enjoyed this one more than their orienteering one.

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Everyone in the world is going to wish that they did everything they did three weeks earlier than they did it.  NY is somewhere around 1 week away from running out of hospital beds.  If you don't live

Looking on the bright side of things,  I am trying to encourage my scouts to take initiative on merit badge work,  and find things they are interested in doing rather independently while at home.   Ma

This is exactly what a reasonable leader should be thinking right now, in my opinion.

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On 3/24/2020 at 4:17 AM, 69RoadRunner said:

I'm thinking about offering the personal fitness MB.   I might need to find a substitute for the pull-ups.  Not everyone has a safe means of doing that at home and I clearly don't want people using playgrounds.  Pull-ups for some scouts are pointless if done typically.  MANY people can't do one.  When my son did it, we went to our gym.  I got one of those long elastic bands, wrapped it around the bar and he stepped in it to assist.  That way, he was able to do pull-ups and get stronger.

I'll have parents verify that the exercises are done.  Scouts can certainly run/jog for 9 minutes outside while keeping a safe distance.

It looks to me like Scouts can choose either push-ups or pull-ups.  Push-up should be no problem if they don't have the equipment to do pull-ups.

Personal Fitness MB at usscouts.org

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I agree online meetings and remote learning are no replacement, but I believe they are providing some semblance of normalcy, and as many troop parents have said, reducing mindless screen time.   

We ran a PLC meeting on a conference line two weeks ago.  Small group and somewhat manageable, for kids who have never participated in a conference call!  We are trying our first 30 minute zoom Troop meeting on Monday, to introduce elections, next year's calendar, and to give brief speaking roles to some Scouts who are: (i) working on Scout/Tenderfoot with parents (and videotaping the oath, the law, knots) or older scouts who need EDGE teaching for advancement via facetime; (ii) scouts pursuing online Florida Council classes or (iii) independent MB study with local counselors.    I think it will encourage others to use the time purposely.  

Tonight I introduced a Scout to a virtual Eagle Board of Review via zoom.  A first for every participant, but certainly one of the brighter moments I've had in the past few weeks.  Stay safe all.  

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