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Why The Nation Supports The Boy Scouts

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Post World War 1,  about a million members and a drive to increase membership. We had a resume of purposeful service during the War,   methods  which achieved our objectives, and the support of a grateful nation. 

good read (4 pages),  author Harold Horne

https://books.google.com/books?id=aSTBSImgQxUC&pg=PA623&lpg=PA623&dq="Boy+Scouts"+%2B"The+War+Is+Over,+but+Our+Work+Is+Not"&source=bl&ots=gmfkJYHtXz&sig=ACfU3U39lHEazcqe8f92-cqlwuTnTJV4-Q&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj3itDhw4joAhVugnIEHeSdDXQQ6AEwAXoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q="Boy Scouts" %2B"The War Is Over%2C but Our Work Is Not"&f=false

As mentioned in source,  I like the original idea of Boy Scout Week  being celebrated from June 8 to Flag Day  June 14., focus on patriotism and service.  

My $0.02, 

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This is a fine example of how we are missing the boat today.  The focus here is on what the Scouts did and are doing to help the country.  The article of course does not come from BSA directly, though you can see the West touch I think.  Point is that there is no reason why BSA should not be finding similar ways to loudly toot our horn, or blare it even with all the positive that SO outweighs the negative that the media focus on.  In truth, while we are mostly concerned with BSA image, the larger dearth of positive news, which actually predominates if you actually look, is an opportunity.  

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8 hours ago, Alesandroppo said:

So, I decided to join the community to decide if I'm really interested in scouting, soo I hope all this info will help me to make the right decision. I'm going to check as many history threads here as it's possible. 

Hello and welcome,

I would say though scouting is global, all scouting is local, and while it looks more or less the same from the outside, you can only really see if it's a good fit for you if you try it. I'd recommend you to go find your local group and see how it feels.

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@Alesandroppo, welcome to the forums! The nice thing about scouter.com is that a lot of very different opinions can be shared by real scout leaders. (They are real, I've met a couple of them and have their patches to prove it! But, then again, I'm a stranger on the internet.) Sometimes we hear from scouts, too.

Are there any scouts in your community?


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Definitely visit more than one troop. There are different flavors based upon the mix of scouts and scouters. Some can be as different as night and day, but generally most have different focuses of activities that their scouts like to do. Nice to call ahead if you can get a contact number from the council/district site to see if that night is a good night to go. Very important these days with everyone practicing social distancing. 

Oh, and if they are going camping, ask if you can attend. Nothing better than seeing a troop in action in the field. And a great way to get to know the adults as they stay out of the way. 

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