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Looking to Buy Scout Leather Stamps - Please Read

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I am trying to get all the Scout related leather stamps for several sets of stamps for our Council and 1 set that I am donating to the Council in Anchorage, Alaska.  

I am willing to pay a reasonable price or you could donate them to me.ūüėČ

Please contact me if you are willing to part with them.  I know it's difficult, but if you haven't used them in a while, we could sure use them.

Some stamps have different numbers so I will list all of them that I know..

I need the following stamps:

  2 Finger Peace Sign - 8532

  Cub Scout with the Type 2 (Pebbled) Background - 8215 or no # at all

  Cub Scout Tiger Badge Stamp - 8445 or no # at all

  Eagle with BSA on it - 8506, 8543, 8409 or no # at all 

  There are 3 Different OA Stamps - 8511, 8411, 8508, 8545 or no# at all

  Wood Badge Axe & Log - 8507, 8544 or 8410

  Wood Badge Fox - 8412

  Wood Badge Buffalo - 8413

  Wood Badge Antelope - 8414

  Wood Badge Bear - 8415

  Wood Badge Owl - 8416

  Wood Badge Bobwhite - 8417

  Wood Badge Beaver - 8418

  Wood Badge Eagle - 8419

  The 4 Craftool Girl Scout Stamps - 8483, 8484, 8485 and 8486.

If you happen to have any leather stamps that you could donate, The Alaska Council could really use them.  I have about 100 stamps that I'm sending out soon.  Contact me and I can tell you if we need them.




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